Want a microwave oven well, you should make a sophisticated list of your requirements that what your microwave should do.

That is the first thing you should do now coming towards the second point you should decide which type of microwave you should buy before buying it.

What I mean by the type of microwave is that there two different types of microwaves which are basically, over the top microwave and built-in microwave. And in this article, I will explain both types and other features of a microwave.

Another point to notice is that you have a particular space to keep the microwave oven so that it can pass out some exhausted air when it is used.

As all the top-notch microwave ovens offer a lot in one, they exert an ample amount of air thus requiring 15 cm from top and depth of the space.

Some microwaves can be hung from the walls to save space from special brackets and considering the built-in microwave they should have a proper ventilation setup provided by the manufacturer.

This article is all about the types and features of the microwave oven thus helping you to buy one.

Solo Microwaves: 

Starting our list with solo microwaves that can fulfill your day to day requirements such as heating a cooked meal, warming your fresh bowl of soup/cup of tea and many more.

They are the best option for you if you have these sorts of applications, they can be cost-efficient and can save a ton of your money.

Solo microwaves also require less space and do not require a proper air exhaust system which again can cost you a lot of money to set it up thus they are cost-efficient.

You might be wondering a solo microwave only performs these types of the task well, no they have time defrost option, melting option and merging option which can come handy in various types of applications and situations.

Microwave with Grill

Now: as I mentioned before that you should jot down a list of your applications for which you want your microwave this also applies here as if you require to grill your fresh and uncooked or even cooked food Grill microwaves are your best options.

Don’t forget that when buying a grill microwave, you won’t lose any feature from solo microwave but even add a feature of grilling thus making it more reliable and efficient.

Other than that, it requires more space but the sizes are mostly the same as the solo models and it also needs a proper ventilation system to exert the combusted air of grilling hence being a little bit expensive but could fit under your budget if found a reasonable deal.

With that said, if your main application is grilling then this could be the best and foremost option for you to buy a microwave because it saves you from buying a separate grill system thus again which is expensive to buy and maintain.

Combi Microwaves

They are as same as the solo and grill microwave requires the same amount of space but adds more features to it such as grilling baking and roasting.

The size increases to H35 x W52 x D50cm.

Built-In Microwaves

The second main thing when buying a microwave, you should consider your preference whether you want a built-in or on the top microwave because both offer different functionalities but yet both are effective and gets the job done.

What is a built-in microwave? You might think well, the answer to your question is that these types of microwaves and fitted in the kitchen either next to your oven or above your oven, they require a large amount of space to be stored as they can perform all the tasks.

They are the combination of all microwaves.

Other features to consider:

  • Power consumption.
  • Touch control
  • Auto/preheat system.
  • Auto cook/reheat/defrost.


As I said before it is up to you which one you have to buy and which microwave category fulfills your requirement, some microwaves are costly and some are affordable.

So, it is your decision which one you have to buy choose wisely.

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