Merrill Corp. is set to make a strategic move: it is uprooting its 50-year-old St. Paul headquarters and relocating to Minneapolis. The company’s goal is to merge its North Loop and St. Paul operations at a major business center right in the heart of Minneapolis. 

With this development, Merrill’s employees – 150 in the North Loop and 220 in St. Paul – will be sharing the same roof. The company is looking ahead to the future and is now positioning itself for expansion. 

 Merrill’s brand new office occupies the whole sixth floor as well as two of the business center’s inter-connected buildings.  The office’s specs are impressive: 80,000 square feet that can accommodate up to 450 personnel. 

 More Office Spaces Available

According to Merrill CEO Rusty Wiley, the company is experiencing phenomenal growth. This comes in the heels of the establishment’s shift from being a group of financial and communication businesses to a worldwide, cloud-based technology provider.   

Wiley said Merrill’s new headquarters would enable it to provide better services to its clients. Moreover, the company’s latest office will allow it to recruit Twin Cities’ best talent in line with its growth targets. If you want an office space for lease Minneapolis, there are service providers that can help you find the perfect location.  

At present, Merrill can process 9,000 M&A transactions annually through its 25 satellite offices, and 670 staff spread across 25 countries. Merrill’s CFO Tom Donnelly revealed that the enterprise had posted a 14 percent yearly compound growth rate.  

The company’s decision to get office space for lease in Minneapolis was based on the recommendations of its employees. Donnelly explained that management’s primary goal is to make things convenient for its personnel and recruit the cream of the crop.

Providing the Best Amenities

Donnelly pointed out that the key factors they considered in making the big move were safety, accessibility, and available amenities. For instance, the business center’s multiple parking spaces on both sides facilitate the pick-up and drop-off of Merrill’s employees. 

Moreover, the building is merely two blocks away from the light rail station. What’s more, there are about 3,400 parking spots that are just within a two-block radius. This is undoubtedly convenience at its finest. 

Donnelly said that the strategic location of Merrill’s new headquarters had become a major incentive for the company’s employees. Many of them, he said, prefer not to drive and would, therefore, appreciate the building’s accessibility.  

When it comes to the business center’s amenities, employees will virtually have everything they need. The building has a conference center, a fitness center, a patio and concierge services. Another key feature is its location in the skyways. 

Merrill’s office space is still in the development stage. What management intends to do is to pattern it after its old North Loop workplace. It will be designed for meetings in such a way that it will enhance collaboration among employees. 

Donnelly stressed that the company’s main assets are its personnel. This is the reason why Merrill will create an environment that is designed to lure in the best talent. They want an office that has an open, modern feel that will unleash the creativity of its people. 

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