The patterns in the mandala can be either geometric or organic and in some cases, it can be a combination of both. It can have recognizable images reflecting the vision or insight of the individual.

These mandalas represent a strong and aesthetic connection between the inner world and the outer reality. So, if you designed your own Mandala, it will be comparatively more inspirational and therapeutic.

The Colouring Pages:

The mandala colouring pages is a kind of book which has many readymade blank mandalas. You can make simple mandala designs and make them more impactful by filling in colours. However, the pre-defined designs in which you fill in vibrant colours are not as impactful as the self-made a mandala.

How To Create Your Own Mandala?

While creating a mandala, you need to first feel your inner self. The echo of your soul provides you either a perfect image which connects you with your soul. The process of drawing and then colouring a mandala provides an enriching experience as the shapes, figures and colours reflect your current state of mind regarding life its related aspects.

You can put down design on the canvas in order to symbolize your state of mind. These paintings are a great tool for meditating and for having a stronger self-awareness. There are many cultures around the world that make use of these mandalas as a part of their spiritual practice.

Apart from these normal benefits, the best part of designing your own mandala is having complete freedom to choose and paint whatever shapes you want and fill in colours according to your wish. You can consider your visions and express your inner self and the view of reality. Moreover, as this mandala belongs to you, you have free use your creativity and make an image which is unique and describes you.

This was all about the basic creation of the mandala. In order to draw a perfect design, you need a few things with you.

Materials Required Making A Perfect Mandala:

To create a proper Mandala, you do not need any special material. You need to have a paper, pencil, ruler and an eraser to draw the patterns, designs, and images of your mind. For filling in the colours in your mandala, you need to have coloured pencils, watercolours and other crayons of your choice as the material for filling in the colours. In order to have perfect shaped circles, you can make use of a compass.

Here are a few steps which you can make use of the mandalas.

The first step of drawing a mandala is measuring out the paper into a square shape. After chalking out the square, the next thing you need to use a ruler and pen and make the center of the square. You need to make sure that you mark the exact center to give a vibrant impact to your mandala.

After marking the center, you can now start withdrawing a series of circles around the center point. You can make use of the compass to have perfect circles. You can choose the size of the circles according to your preference.

Next, feel your inner self and keep on drawing patterns and shapes which your mind is reflecting. However, whatever you are drawing, make sure that the shape is equidistant from the center and look similar. You can draw shapes like triangle, raindrops, squares, etc.

Once the pattern and the design are done, the next thing you need to do is start with the colouring procedure. Fill in colours according to your wish and your perfect Mandala is ready! Find detailed information about mandalas at Trippy Mandala.

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