If you are looking to buy a new mattress, there are some basic specifications and information that you should know so that you buy a durable and long-lasting product made of quality materials. One of the challenges of online mattress shopping is that you don’t have all the information necessary for identifying the quality or you don’t have enough data to compare it with other competitors.

The below mattress buying guide India will provide the much-needed information you should know before purchasing it.

The Bed Size:

One of the important decisions to make when you are buying a mattress is to find the right size, that ensures that the area you and your partner need are enough, and there is still sufficient space for you to move around in the room.

  • Twin size: This is the smallest size of mattress available at 74 * 39 inches. It fits into a cramped room, and a child or a single adult can sleep on it. It is not for partners sleeping together.
  • Queen Size: It is of 60*80 inches dimension and is good for a person who likes extra space. It is also enough for a couple to sleep on it.
  • King size: The length remains the same as a queen size mattress only it is 16’’ wider. It comes with a 76*80 dimension and has extra space for both partners to sleep well.
  • California king size: It is suited for people who are tall, the width is less than the king size mattress, but it is 4’’ longer than it. It has a dimension of 72*84 inches.

Room size:

The size of the bed you purchase also dependent on the room size. You will not want the mattress to occupy the whole room leaving no place to walk around. Ideally, you will want to have around 30 inches of free space around the bed to walk around comfortably. Based on that you should decide on the bed size.

The height of the bed:

The height of the bed should be about 25 inches from the ground, various factors like the thickness, bed style, and personal choice also dictates height you should consider. A taller individual will find a bed that is high more convenient while a platform bed suits children.

Type and thickness:

The thickness of the mattress is dependent on the layers present in the mattress say WakeFit, a leading seller. The order from the bottom up is:

  • Polyfoam or memory foam layers measured in pounds per cubic feet.
  • The blend and type of latex if the material is made of latex.
  • The fabric blend of the cover and the quilling materials. If memory foam or polyfoam is used the best mattress, India will have it in the range of an inch.
  • After learning about these details, you should then check and compare the durability to ensure that it lasts longer.

Tips to find the right mattress based on your body size:

Use a tape to measure the room and the space you have for the bed so that when you buy a mattress, it fits into the bedroom. Do not forget to include any doors, stairways or hallways into your calculations.

Set a budget: There are numerous choices available, and thus it is good to set a budget. Once that is fixed you should then start comparing various models and brands that you like. It will also help you determine if you will have to increase the budget.

Before you go ahead and purchase the best mattress India, do research online about the various types, brands, and models. Also, ensure that you test the mattress before you buy it.

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