With so much promise and potential, starting a blockchain-based business might just be the right way to go. Blockchain is one of the most transformative techs as of late, being the underlying foundation for cryptocurrencies and famous trends like crypto casinos. Beyond that, it also offers great advantages such as decentralization, identity validation, and increased user data security and transparency.

But while it’s great that the crypto sphere continues to grow in popularity over the years, this also usually means increased competition, particularly if you’re someone wanting to venture into the field. In fact, the worldwide spending on blockchain-based solutions has amounted to a staggering $11.7 billion – a reflection of how in demand it currently is. As a startup, it can be challenging to get your company off the ground, especially since you’ll be forced to find creative and innovative ways to get your brand name out there, not to mention catch the alluring eye of investors.

Fortunately, the secret to success is quite simple: the right marketing strategy. With proper marketing, you’ll have greater chances to bring your blockchain business up to new heights.

That said, here are some valuable marketing tips that you can follow for your blockchain startup.

Make your own website.

One of the most ever-present elements in marketing strategies is a solid website. If you take a look at some of the successful and well-established blockchain startups online, the first thing you’ll probably notice is their nicely-created websites filled with informative material. 

For this reason, the first thing you should do is to make a website for your blockchain startup. Before doing so, make sure that you already have a definitive mission, vision, and information about your company so that the process will get easier as you go. Besides this, it will also be good to include information about what problem your product or services seeks to solve, alongside other token content or details.

It’s recommendable to keep your websites minimalistic but professional. Putting videos that help showcase your vision or offerings is also recommended. 

Post a whitepaper

A white paper refers to a detailed or specific authoritative report that primarily seeks to assist readers in solving a problem, deciding, or understanding a particular issue. You can opt to publish a white paper on your blockchain product or service by shedding light on a certain issue and then explaining how your brand attempts to solve it.

It would be wise to remember that your potential investors or customers would want to know every single piece of information about your company and the technology you plan on using along the way. A white paper can effectively tell all these valuable details, which can help entice more clients. 

Influencer marketing

If you’re planning to utilize social media to increase the visibility of your brand, partnering up with an influencer to market your business is worth a try. This doesn’t mean that the influencer you should choose should be someone super famous; at the very least, they should be knowledgeable and credible enough to share information about the crypto and blockchain industry. You may even try to make interview-style videos, podcasts, or other informative yet creative content with them and let them share it on their respective accounts.

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