There is good demand for Cannabidiol or CBD products because of its health benefits when used in health-boosting organic products. Although CBD belongs to the marijuana family, it is entirely different from marijuana in the psychotropic properties that make it safe for use in the form of oil, gums, and tinctures.  The ‘high’ that people get from consuming marijuana is entirely absent in CBD, and this is what makes legal and safe for use in various applications. Although marijuana faces legal restrictions in some states of the US, the use of CBD is legal.  Only you need to be sure that it is CBD and have ample proof about it.

 Hemp-based CBD products

Both marijuana and CBD are products of the cannabis plant and not only is the latter the most active ingredient but also the most prevalent strain obtained from the plant. CBD is a product of the hemp plant that belongs to the cannabis family and the reason why people often confuse it with marijuana. Cannabis sativa is the scientific name of CBD. It is extracted from the hemp plant and has total THC content, the chemical responsible for giving high, less than 0.3% by dry weight in leaves and buds.  Just as medical marijuana that contains CBD as the principal ingredient is safe and legal, so is Cannabidiol or CBD. 

THC is the differentiator

The attraction of marijuana lay in its ability to change the brain functioning that generates a feel-good factor and give people a ‘high’ that can even make them feel ecstatic for some time. This feature is absent in CBD because it contains very low THC, the psychoactive compound responsible for creating ‘high.’ Incidentally, marijuana contains both CBD and high THC content.

Start a business in CBD

CBD is available from various online sources, including Hempworx, which also offers excellent business opportunities in the form of Healthy Body Healthy Mind Hempworx affiliate programs. The company that has been making money for years by selling CBD is now opening its doors to others for doing the same by becoming their distributor or affiliate. 

The legality of CBD

Although CBD is legal in the US, there are some grey areas that you might encounter when looking closely at the legalities. It can be confusing at times but considering that it is available in most parts of the country, it automatically acquires some social and legal acceptance.  The states have their laws about CBD with varying degrees of restrictions. The good news is that the Federal government, despite equating CBD with marijuana, does not try to come down on CBD in the way it does with marijuana. Many people consider the attitude of the federal government as soft-pedaling with CBD, which is a way of providing tacit support for its sale without inviting legal controversies.

Since December 2015, when the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) relaxed the regulatory requirement of CBD, anyone can now procure the product and its variants online. You can try your hand at CBD business that has helped many people turn their fortunes. 


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