With 2019 on the start line every one of you must be planning on ways to bag some traffic to your website. Then link building might serve as one among the many options that pop up. Link buildings play a key role when it comes to SEO. They are valuable ones that help you in getting your site ranked. There is also a wide list of people who can help you in getting your webpage ranked.

In this blog, I have listed a few techniques that would act as a guide in your path towards successful link building and help you in getting your site ranked.

Go in guest posting

Guest posting is one among the many ways through which you can attract traffic. It helps you in developing your backlinks and visibility of the online site. And it is a true statement that about 90% of the online marketers who aim to get a lot of views to use guest posting as a strategy. For eg: Neil Patel who tops the content market is claimed to use about 100 guest posts in a year.

A few points to be noted while considering guest posting are,

  • If you are able to have your posts in some popular areas it makes the readers or viewer believe that you are everywhere.
  • Identify blogs that has a somewhat similar idea to that of your niche.
  • Try to establish a strong relationship with the person behind that website as well. Try and contact its main head.
  • Focus on quality rather than focussing on the quantity. Before you start working on your content know the type of blog you are about to deal with. Also, have an idea about who your target audience or readers are.

Work on testimonial link building

This is also one among the most chosen way. As a matter of fact, it’s true that reviews and testimonials are extremely helpful in gaining consumer trust and belief. Though an organic content, it may not be a great one for your site. But believe me, it gets the linking building job done easily. A few tips to keep in your mind while you work towards testimonial link building are as follows,

  • Most have testimonials plan and insert referral plans. You can do the same.
  • Release form and discount code are other things which you can consider inserting.

Testimonials are really helpful in influencing consumer purchase decisions. Customer testimonials are something which has acted as the base for organic traffic in a lot of websites.

Commenting on blogs

Blog commenting might be used as a means of link building if you are aware of how to use it. If you find places where you can contribute to the ongoing conversation go ahead. Give relevant links to your blog. The given links should be helpful to readers rather than acting as spam.

Think about round-up articles

Round-up articles is another best way which works absolutely perfect. Expert round-up has been generating some great results. You can also get a lot of shares and increased ranking as a result of it.

Some ways or steps which you can follow includes,

  • The first step would be to identify the right expert. This is the most fun part as you will be allowed to connect with people. You can find people through already posted expert round-up articles as well. Social media can also be used as a tool for this.
  • After that, you will have to contact them. You can message them either through Twitter or e-mail or via any other social media for that matter. But be mindful about the way you approach them. Be respectful and thank them once you are done.
  • Form some good questions that do not have any negative impact.
  • Start working on your article. Edit it and submit.
  • Next important task would be to promote it.

Despite the use of this strategy and the help it offers in driving relevant viewers to your site, ultimately there is no guarantee that you may achieve the expected rests.


This is a place which connects reporter and blogger. Help a reporter out can be the source where you can go to get your backlinking problems solved. Once you login you will get alerts regarding the reporters looking out for the source. You will also get a chance to backlink with famous websites which are inclusive of Mashable and Fast company.

Most companies use this to acquire media coverage for their site. You will be getting emails thrice a day. After which you will be required to send your pitch. Once accepted they may send you the backlinks. So giving it a try and signing in to enhance your backlinks doesn’t seem to be a bad idea.

Apart from this, you may also use the following tips and techniques to improve your online traffic and get your website ranked,

  • Make it a point to avoid black hat link building techniques while analyzing ways to achieve the aimed traffic. This will only bring you a negative response.
  • Apart from the above keyword and the quality of your content also play a major role. So care should be taken in order to ace them. To put it in Bill Gates words “content is king”.
  • Acquire some valuable sponsors and build a healthy relationship. It not only earns you a link but also bring in some audience.
  • Despite the presence of numerous tools which will have your back when it comes to link building, you may also go to Google alerts. It is highly useful. It helps you by notifying regarding the content change.

Link building which is now an important aspect of search which established itself and started expanding its reign in 1998 with the birth of Google. But a study by Buzz sumo and Moz stated that majority of blogs online never use any external links. You may even ask the help of people like joelhouse.com.au to take care of your link building SEO. If you were one among them who never cared about link building, then its time that you start thinking on ways to develop your link building.

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