Gone are the days when filing cabinets, papers, and a physical room are necessities of a coaching business. Thanks to the advances in software development, tasks can be completed faster and accurately.

 Here are the reasons why successful businesses use a coaching platform to leverage their business:

Efficiency. In just one click, hundreds of emails or messages can be sent. Data can be easily generated. Clients can access their records, track progress, and coaches can quickly have a look at how their day or week will be. 

 These are just a few of the tasks that a coaching platform can perform. There are a lot of applications in the market with different functionalities depending on each business’s needs.

Accuracy. Because every client’s data are recorded in a safe place, pulling them up for analysis and tracking is more efficient. The coach can understand the needs of each individual with just one look.

Accessibility. Most, if not all, coaching platforms allow both the client and coach to view records through linked apps anytime, anywhere.

Revenue increase. Having everything done online widens the market for the business. Business owners can reach more clients regardless of their location. Online coaching platforms also can set appointments without the need to adjust time zones when sending session invites manually.  

This lessened the occurrence of missed or canceled sessions and lost a sale. Since courses are done online, coaches are not limited to one-on-one meetings. They can set up a group session, which means spending the same amount of time but earning more compared to individual discussion. Coaches need to make sure that quality is not compromised.

Multi-functionality. You will be amazed at the various functions that coaching software can do. It almost takes the place of several office staff. These programs can process payments, schedule sessions, send messages, deliver content through websites and eLearning courses, set up coaching plans, and create and send questionnaires.  

Prices of coaching programs vary depending on the features included. There is free software available for downloads while a paid subscription can be as low as $15 to $20 per month.

Cost-efficient. Coaches do not need to rent office space as coaching can be done virtually. In the same way, clients do not need to drive their way to the office for his scheduled coaching session as it can be done at the comfort of their homes. 

Coaches save HR-related costs since they do not need to hire more people to complete different tasks. Almost everything is automated through the system. 

The bottom line, it is a wise choice to use coaching platforms than stick with the traditional way. There are websites such as Capterra which allows you to compare prices, features, or reviews.  

You don’t have to worry about using these programs. They usually come along with video tutorials, aside from the fact that most of them are user-friendly. Support is available through different channels for any technical issues and concerns.

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