Everybody is talking about online security these days, which isn’t surprising given how many prominent corporations and political parties have had their security breached in public. But actually, lesser known targets are appealing to data thieves because they have less time and money to invest in security. 

Do you have old electronic devices in your home containing sensitive information you wouldn’t want to get into the wrong hands? If so, there are people you can call to make sure they are destroyed to the point where they no longer pose any security risk.

Read on to learn more about how professional data shredders can ensure your home is free of potential data hazards. 

Electronic Data Destruction

If you see an old electronic device in your home, how can you be certain that it is totally free of sensitive information? Even if you were to manually search the device, how do you know that you’ve checked everywhere? The safest thing to do is have it destroyed professionally. 

Professional shredders don’t just throw out these devices, they destroy the microchips on them until the data on them cannot be retrieved or recovered. Only then has it been securely destroyed. 

The list of electronics that pose a potential data liability risk is long, and some items may surprise you: hard drives, flash drives, USBs, back-up tapes and drives, laptops, tablets, cell phones, printer memory cards, and more. 

You don’t need to be famous to get targeted: identity theft happens to ordinary people every day. When you need reliable electronic data destruction for your home or office, the best way to get total peace of mind is to call a professional shredder and have them eliminate the source of the concern.

Environmentally Dedicated

It’s important for every company to be committed to reducing its carbon footprint, especially those which work with recyclable materials. The company you hire must be able to recycle as much of the materials as possible.

Ensuring that the waste gets discarded properly is extra important when it comes to electronics, since certain components need to be disposed of safely. Whether it’s paper or electronic destruction, make sure to use a company that takes being environmentally friendly seriously. 


Don’t even bother engaging a data destruction company unless they are certified by the National Association for Information Destruction. This is the industry’s only quality assurance program, and follows up with random unannounced audits to make sure the companies under its auspices meet only the highest standards.

When you’re wondering what in your home presents a potential risk for electronic data liability, look for a local company with years of experience ensuring that people’s homes and offices are free of potential data liabilities. We’ve all seen the victims of security breaches deal with the fallout on the news — don’t become the next one! Hire a professional shredder to eliminate the electronic devices in your home that could give an identity thief the opening they need. 

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