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Though most eyeshadows available in the powder form, creamy eyeshadows are always the win-win situation. The cream eyeshadows are boon for the people with dry eyelids, and it can be applied easily with fingertips sans using a makeup tool or a brush.

The creamy eyeshadow inclines to appear more vibrant and lively on the eyes. It yields a smooth and soft texture while popping out the color with an utmost finish. Follow the guide to apply cream shadow impeccably across your eyes.

Start by applying a layer of a good primer evenly on the eyelid. Allow it to dry before you begin your eye makeup. It helps your makeup to stay long and lasting.

Many renowned makeup artists agreed and recommended to apply cream eyeshadow with your fingertips. As the creamy eyeshadow can clog up in the brush and becomes difficult to wash off. The fingertips assist in a smooth application of the cream shadow than conventional brushes or tools. If don’t want to use the fingertips, you can resort to synthetic brushes designed particularly for the creamy eyeshadows.

Adding a sheer powder on the top of your creamy eyeshadow will increase the lifespan of the same. Renowned makeup artists suggest it which even helps your eyes to stand out the crowd.

No, you don’t need to put much cream shadow to get a vivacious look, start off with a little amount and build your eyeshadow steadily. Using too much can make you look zany. The cream eyeshadow lasts for longer than a regular powder shadow.

The cream shadows gel together more easily than the powder ones. So, you can take a fun experimenting ride with different color combinations. You can add a glint of glitter to shadow mix. You can create new colors without damaging your eyeshadows.

Finally, you can use translucent powder on your eyeshadow to enhance the duration of your eye makeup. For added glamour, use a dash of sparkle to a flawless finish.

Hence, creamy eyeshadows are the crease-less and long-lasting. If you have dry eyelids, it is a perfect pick. The markets are flooded with the same. You can get it online as well. Head to sites such as to find great deals which can save huge on your money, and you also need not to worry about other expenses. It offers you a range of exciting colors and textures. Shimmer, matte or glossy, select as per your needs and desires!

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Get your favorite palette of creamy eyeshadows. And let your eyes conquer the hearts around!

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