As our initiative the Kickstarter Series goes on, this week we are featuring PandaRiot779 an artist with many skills that is sure to get you, our lovely audience, interested. Some of the artist’s skills are highlighted on the official website with each genre having it’s own category. And while PandaRiot779 has a large amount of content on the website, the Panda also explores other skills on various social media outlets such as YouTube, Twitch, Society 6 and more.

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The above image shows a preview of the official website, complete with a regularly updated blog on topics such as 3d Printing, 3d Modeling, DIY & Crafts, Woodworking, Photography, Cosplay, Anime, Comics and similar themes. As visible from the navigation, not only is this site for blog posts, but there’s photography albums for days.

And should you take a liking to a particular image, it’s possible to buy directly on the photo print store which helps support the entire site. Another great way to support PandaRiot779 is via the official Patreon page, where patrons receive cool rewards based on their level of commitment.

And PandaRiot779 is heavily embedded in the Cosplaying community, for not only does he attend a number of events each year to both meet fans and new people, but also snapes inspired photographs of other cosplayers attending the events around the country.

We’ve listed a few of the images from some of the events PandaRiot779 has recently attended in 2017 below, we’re sure you’ll like them!

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Copyright PandaRiot779
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Copyright PandaRiot779

And it’s clear that cosplaying is something that PandaRiot779 cares for deeply, as he goes out of his way to help other people in the community. As he states himself on the official Patreon page:

I create albums for cosplayers who have their own patron accounts for free to help advertise them and encourage them to continue their artistic adventures. shoot me a message if you want to be part of my gallery.

So, just in case you’re looking for some help for organizing or advertising your own cosplay efforts, now you know who to contact.

PandaRiot779 also works with 3d models as mentioned earlier, and browsing through the creations he’s made public we fell upon this beauty, published under the generous CC-A license, meaning you too could have one of these bad boys if you got the hands for it.

That’s it for this time, please comment below for any input – and remember to check out PandaRiot779’s website and Patreon page if nothing else!

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