Do you often worry about your elderly family member who lives alone? You might have heard about the stories that how senior citizens fall in their homes due to ageing and various other health concerns. According to the research, in such situations, there were many people who were unable to call someone for help. Nowadays to prevent such incidents from happening where your loved ones wasn’t attended to, you can get an emergency button system which are specially designed for the seniors and disabled persons.

Such emergency buttons are helping hundreds and thousands of people in the US to lead a normal lifestyle. It helps in times when they may require medical help or assistance of a family member. In such moments, the emergency alert system delivers their best services to assure that assistance is on the way.

Get an effective emergency response for elderly!

Having one emergency button at home for seniors can provide them comfort and protection. Such alert alarm devices come up in the form of pendants and bracelets. This can work in many different situations, from seniors experiencing elder abuse, to accidental falls or other emergiences.

Either way, the devices are inbuilt with an easy touch button which can be pressed by the user when they are in need of help. The system also comes up with a base unit. The base unit can be set up in home such as in areas of bedroom, drawing room or garden area.

Once installed, When the device’s red button is pressed by the user, a signal is sent immediately to the base unit. After this, it connects to the response centre which can be an emergency number or medical centre. The signal alerts them that help is needed immediately.

Emergency button is for everyone!

While the emergency buttons/ panic buttons is a perfectly designed product that suits the best needs of elderly people who like to live their life independently. Though, the device can also be used by individuals who suffer from rare diseases, disability, strokes and diabetes.

Important features you can benefit from an emergency button!

  • The emergency dial: The device allows the user to record more than 10 second of distress message. This feature helps to message in more integrated manner than any other communicating devices can do in case of emergency.
  • Remote access: The emergency button helps the user’s family and friends to locate, as the device comes along with remote access features which allows the person who has received the panic signal/message to get the user’s latest position.
  • The emergency dial: The emergency buttons once pressed by the user sends the signals to several channels via SMS, E-mall or calls at the same time. Well, such server does not only rely on the registered number given on the device, it also sends quick SMS and calls to the nearby medical centre’s so that they take no time to help the user.

You have seen how an emergency button could save your loved one’s life. This amazing piece of technology can really help in times of distress, especially to those who are unable to help themselves. These devices are available in affordable prices and are highly reliable.

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