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Flowers always be the medium of sharing feelings, without saying. Every month has a special story. For every month birth child has a special flower, gems, color, zodiac sign, and many more. But here we are talking about flowers. Since we all in Asian countries, especially in India, January is the winter, season. You will experience too much cold. But the January cold has its own charm. Yummy foods, festivals, weddings, cozy blankets, and beautiful sun rays. Carnation and snowdrop, there are two birth flowers for January. Both have there owned specification and beauty. 

Carnation is such a beautiful flower. But it blossoms in the winter season because, it needs lots of moisture. It has a soft and smooth petals.  Basically, carnation found in white, light red, pink and dark red. Every color has a very special meaning. If you love someone then you can send flowers to mumbai. Because white carnation is for love and also good luck. If you want to admire someone’s work or anything. Then, I will suggest you should give her or him light red carnation flower bouquet. Because it is for praising and admiration. If you really love so much, that we call true love. If you want to propose on his or her birthday. Propose with a dark red carnation bouquet.  Because of dark red carnation for intense and deep love. If your beloved birthday comes in January, then definitely you should do this. If you want to say thank you to anyone. You can say it in a pleasing way, by giving a pink carnation bouquet. Because pink carnation is for saying thank you or gratitude. These bouquets are easily available on Bloomsvilla. So you don’t need to worry, how you will get.

Snowdrop is such a wonderful flower. Some people don’t like it. Because they believe, it brings bad vibes. But, it always spreads a home, an optimistic behavior. But, it doesn’t mean, I am saying they are wrong. It’s all about beliefs. If you believe it is good, then it will be brought happiness for you. And if you believe it is bad, then it will be brought bad vibes for you. It is said that the snowdrop flower symbolizes rebirth.  It gives you the strength to fight the problems. If any of your close ones are in trouble, you can send flowers to Delhi to encourage him or her. Through this, you can also say that you are with him or her. 

This is a really very beautiful and different flower. This is the flower of hope in true sense. Because after cold winter a very beautiful season comes spring. We all know spring is the season of a new beginning. And a new beginning always comes with hope. I think that’s why snowdrop symbolizes rebirth and hopes.

After January, in the month of Feb love weeks arrive. You can give a carnation bouquet as a Valentine’s Day flower bouquet.  If you are planning a date for the month of Jan, you can use the carnation flower. You can use it for décor and gift both.  With dark red carnation, you can add a white rose. Both will make a perfect bouquet. Same you can do this with a carnation. You can gift, a bouquet to your loved ones of all the colors of the carnation flower

It is said January birth child is very special. I think it is so true because, Jan’s birth flower is so special. January birth child is blessed with skills, just like the carnation flower. It is said they have a very colorful mind. They are very creative in their respective fields. They are well mannered and disciple children. Because of their creative and independent nature, they achieve everything. I mean, they get all the success according to the desire. I don’t think, this is less than a blessing.

Now, if you are not a January child, then don’t be sad. Because every month is special in their own way. Now, you must be aware, not only about flowers but also about many things. So, now use this awareness to make your January born friend’s birthday special. And if you are January born child, then you are now aware of your birth month.

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