We are creatures of habit and while the universe is in a constant state of change, many people stick to a life of routine, which seems comfortable enough, for a while. It is oh so easy to slip into a routine that limits your potential, which soon becomes a rut and according to a certain philosopher, the only difference between a grave and a rut is how long you’ve been in it.

If you are one of the minority who needs a life shake up, you won’t be happy with your life as it is and that might not manifest itself, for a while anyway.

Check-up from the neck-up

This is an honest assessment of your mental health, which goes something like this:

  • Do you have fun on a daily basis?
  • Are you happy to be alive?
  • Are you physically fit and able?
  • Are you happy at your current job?
  • Are you happy with your relationship with your partner?

All yes’s and you are a content person, but if the majority of answers are in the negative, then you need to address this. Imagine a perfect life, what would that entail? Push your boundaries and don’t look for reasons why you can’t do something, rather make bold plans and take chances. If, for example, you have money worries, at least you have Cashify Australia where you can take out a personal loan and spread the payment over a couple of years.

The invisible barrier

We’ve all heard the term ‘comfort zone’, which refers to aspects of our lives that we are familiar with and this breeds a sense of safety and while being safe is a good thing, if you want to develop yourself, you have to leave your comfort zone and no, there isn’t any other way. Think of it another way, what is stopping you from quitting your job today and jetting off to Thailand to work as an English teacher? Yes, we all have commitments, but you can find a way if you’re determined enough. If fitness is important to you, here is some information on natural ways to get the protein you need.

Career change

Sadly, there are many people who don’t like their job and when you dread going into work, life is never going to be pleasant. If you think you won’t be able to find a job that pays as well, there’s nothing to stop you looking; you might fall into a dream job and can even think of a career change or a relocation to another part of Australia or abroad.


If you are in a relationship, how is it going? We all tend to take our partner for granted to some degree and working to make things better is never going to be a waste of time. If you are single, try making some new connections, take up a sport or other outdoor activity, unless, of course, you prefer living alone.

We should all be concerned about our mental health, especially during these troubling times and making a life-changing decision could be the answer to all your woes.


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