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Cashmere is the definition of luxury. This pure, natural fibre has been coveted for hundreds of years, and only now are we starting to see the development of lower end cashmere blends or copy cat fabrics emerging onto the style scene. It can be so tempting to spy a savvy steal that seems harmless, but it’s important that you take the time to consider the true cost of low end cashmere. Cheaper styles are often blended with low quality materials, are less ethical and overall are not that well made, meaning all the things that you love about cashmere aren’t going to be there. Here’s why high quality, beautifully made cashmere is worth the spend…

Luxurious longevity 

Cashmere is built to last, there’s no two ways about it. Pure cashmere, when cared for properly, will be in your closet for countless wears to come. The fibre is soft, smooth and plush, and when you treat it with love it returns the favour by withstanding the test of time with unfathomable stamina! Your fabric won’t pile or bobble, cuts will stay in place and tones won’t fade after a few washes. Dye takes to cashmere beautifully due to it’s smooth cuticle and soft consistency. The longevity and vibrancy alone makes cashmere so valuable and worth the extra investment. 

Comfort, warmth and cosiness 

The texture of cashmere is just incomparable! There’s no other material that’s as soft, light or warm out there. Winter is the time when you want to feel snug and insulated, but you also want your skin to breathe and feel like you’re still able to move under all those layers! Cashmere is the perfect compromise, it’s silky soft to the touch, toasty warm and crazy cosy, what more could you ask for, really? Layer, wear alone, lounge in or venture out in your cashmere – there’s nothing it can’t do!

Timeless style 

If you’re looking to capture the graceful air of style icons such as Audrey Hepburn or Coco Chanel, then you’re going to be very happy with your cashmere pieces! This material is chic and timeless, bringing an elevated air of classic taste to even the most simple of your everyday outfits. Attentively made, quality core pieces will serve you time and time again. Cashmere is light, luxe and completely timeless, which makes it the perfect fabric to play around with when it comes to styling. Although your cashmere pieces are going to look fabulous on their own, they also mix and match amazingly with all kinds of different styles, textures and materials. Wear your cashmere with silk, leather, cotton, lace, tulle – it goes with everything, goodbye, boring winter outfits! 

Ethical and environmental 

Finally, cashmere that’s ethically sourced and consciously made is better for more than just our wardrobes. Responsible cashmere ensures that the goats it’s sourced from are well cared for, that workers are treated fairly and that the environment is not being unnecessarily damaged in the process of creating beautiful women’s clothing. Sustainability is such an important topic right now, we just can’t afford to look past the ethical implications of the pieces in our closets. Buy from responsible, local cashmere providers to find pieces that are as kind as they are chic. 

There you have it, a firm case made for slowing down and investing your money in items that are high quality, timeless and ethically made. Pure cashmere will always be worth  Get searching for cashmere collections that will elevate your wardrobe in every way possible!

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