It is an undeniable fact that people prefer visual content over the written one and this is the one main reason that justifies why social media marketing is effective. You’ll see all the marketers out there trying hard to work on their visual marketing skills instead of the written and this is something that actually helps them with their ongoing marketing campaigns.

Now, on the other hand, we all know the fact that Instagram is just like any other social media site but still it stands out among all the other sites and that’s only because this platform is the most visual one. On instagram, your visuals are what matter the most, the pictures you put and the stories you upload count a lot. Yes, there is definitely some space for the text but then again, the main focus of the audience and the marketer, both, is on the pictures and videos uploaded on this platform.

Another reason why we think of Instagram to be better is because it’s easier to build your presence here. Yes, you read it right, unlike Facebook and other platforms, this one is comparatively easier and here you can gain real likes and followers easily. You just need to work on your photography skills, your graphic designing skills and then comes the skill of using the right hashtags and honestly, this is it, you fulfil all these criterias and spoof, you are famous.

Instagram Stories & Everything You Need To Know About Them

When the Instagram stories feature came along, people thought that this will be nothing but just another Snapchat rip off and people actually didn’t like or use it much in the beginning but with the passage of time, this feature actually got famous on a whole another level and people started using it for their marketing campaigns using different tactics. Now, it’s that time when we actually know that yes, using the story feature of Instagram is actually very useful and when used in marketing, it actually pays off.

Now, if you are someone who wants to excel in using his Instagram stories to gain followers and likes then here we have compiled a few tips for you that will actually help you improve your stories because to us, there is always a room for betterment.

–  Using GEO location

Using geo location will always benefit you no matter what you say because let’s face it, you cannot market your brand to each and every audience of the world and you can never cover the whole globe at once so it’s always a wiser thing to do, to actually pick up a target audience and then focus on them. Now, you can do marketing using geolocation tags. All you have to do in order to find geo location tags is to explore and see the ones that are already being used and in case, there you don’t find what you need then don’t worry and create a location tag of your own using Facebook. Secondly you can use the geo sticker on your stories and that’s pretty simple, just turn on your location access on your phone and then simply go to the sticker section, there you will have your location name in the form of a sticker and that’s exactly what you need to pick.

– Using Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram stories allow you to post ephemeral content that disappears after 24 hours which means that whatever story you put, it won’t be available to your fans after 24 hours. But what if we tell you that you can actually make your story stay on your profile for as long as you want? Yes, you read it right, if you actually think that some of your stories are worth watching again and again and keeping for a longer time than at least 24 hours then you can opt for highlighting those stories and they all will ultimately stay there until you want to remove them.

This is a great marketing strategy, you can highlight your customer reviews, you can highlight some event that you covered or you can highlight a story in which someone  famous gave you a shoutout, all these tactics can help people gain more trust in you and it can build your credibility.

These are just a few tips that can help you improve your Instagram stories. So, now without wasting any more time just make sure that you are using these tips and you are striving for excellence when it comes to your stories.

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