Since time immemorial, the country India has been known for its eccentric indulgence into culture, traditions, and art. And, jewellery in India isn’t just a part of celebrating culture and traditions but a reflection of art.

While meenakari reminds of the rich history and enameled art of Rajasthan, the temple style jewellery of South India stands out with its exuberance. While splurging on gold rings for women with price, you can celebrate the versatility of Indian jewellery. Here’s how!

South Indian Jewellery

In South India, traditional jewellery has been a popular favorite. Temple jewellery is one of the most popular ones with motifs and art inscriptions revolving around culture, traditions, and temple artifacts. Another popular form is the Nakaash jewellery where the inimitable style focuses on the enamel of varied colours and designs, intricate work, and gemstones. Silver jewellery is also one of the popular jewellery types in South India.

Kundan Jewellery

Kundan jewellery found its way in India through the Mughal Empire but it’s the uniqueness of the designs and true artwork that made it a treasure for India. It is one of the oldest forms of craftsmanship that is prevalent even today and is being celebrated in wedding jewellery made of gold. Kundan jewellery has an eccentric rustic touch of gold and reflects the traditional feeling of different cultures in simple yet intricate designs.

Polki Jewellery

Highlighting the significance of Rajasthani Artwork and Lucknowi inspirations, the Polki jewellery’s traces are hidden in North India. The water droplet gemstone style of jewellery is a careful blend of diamonds and gold. Popular in the Indian Wedding Scene, Polki Jewellery is elegance and royalty redefined. The beauty of this jewellery lies in its extravagance.

Tribal Jewellery

Far North of India, the hilly regions of Ladakh, Kashmir, and Himachal and the North East regions like Assam, Nagaland, etc are popular for their Tribe Jewellery. Amalgamating the beauty of natural elements together with colors, threads, trinklets, and other details – the tribe jewellery represents unique style and beauty that is rare. The true beauty of tribal jewellery lies in its unmatchable elegance and handwork. Oxidized silver, threads, wood, etc are elements that highlight the beauty of tribe jewellery, and make it one of the most popular and wanted designs.

Minimalist lightweight jewellery

Lightweight Indian jewellery finds its place in the Western regions of India, mostly Gujarat, regions of Kutch, and Maharashtra. Here thin lines of Gold and silver are matched with simplistic designs and precious or semi-precious stones to make a piece of jewellery. While the region does play around with heavy gold jewellery and temple designs, the lightweight jewellery is the one that stands out. These jewellery are minimalistic and comfortable to wear and at the same time very rich and elegant.

The art of Bengal

West Bengal is known for its art and beauty in jewellery through intricate details that are bestowed on the designs. Be it gold, silver, or tribal jewellery the region lends a lot of attention to details and intricate artwork.

Explore the versatility of Indian jewellery the next time you set out to buy fashion jewellery online and get mesmerized by the truly enigmatic and unique offerings of India.

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