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For any online business, getting a steady flow of clients online is the primary idea behind the creation of a website. Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a firm can secure a robust and conspicuous presence online. The brand image can reach many individuals as the company reaches many more clients. As a result, many websites target at ranking high on search engines for certain key words exclusive to their niche. The success of this process becomes possible through SEO. It involves aspects like keywords search, backlinking and social media viral marketing.

Since January 2017, SEO has changed gradually. For instance, apart from keywords, Google is now focusing on content relevance, mobile friendliness of the design, content relevance and the web design features as well. For one to make the SERP algorithm to rank them, they must focus solely on the user experience during the browsing session. The aesthetic feeling and impression of a person when they click your link affect their decision on whether to buy on your site or leave to a different search result. Therefore, making a website following good web design features is a must have for online marketing.

For one to get good rankings, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, Alexander Peresunko, recommends the following elements:

Technical bit of the website.

A website has to be efficient in its coding and hosting. A good site should not have issues and bugs. The hosting package should have adequate bandwidth for optimal responsiveness and speed. In January this year, Google requires websites to be mobile friendly for them to rank in the SERP pages.

Memorable branding.

SEO is all about creating a strong brand presence. Google awards content relevance through ranking. The keywords selection and the description of your content strongly dictates the position that page will secure in the SERPs. Anything you post represents the brand you are trying to make viral.

Visual impression.

The layout element of a website is the sole purpose of web development. Google awards user intent through such factors. A person should become enticed when they visit your site. The visual element increases conversions through converting visitors into buyers. The design should give your visitor an easy time and guide them through the purchase or subscription.


How you place content as well as special buttons such as Call-To-Action tasks contributes immensely to the sales you make. The ease of navigation significantly helps how customers find what they are searching. A customer should not have a hard time or experience any difficulties when navigating.


Like an entrepreneur, web development has the potential of affecting most digital marketing techniques such as SEO. The aesthetic appeal a visitor feels in your website has a great impact on whether or not they will make a purchase, as well as the position search engines, rank your web pages. For a particular set of keywords, mobile friendliness, as well as the responsiveness of a website, are factors Google gives weight when it comes to ranking a website. As a result, it is important for any entrepreneur wishing to venture into the online field to consider the technical bit of web development. Good sites have the potential of high rankings as well as competitiveness in their particular niches.

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