Though some of the ins and outs may work a little differently, for the most part, an ecommerce business is just like any other. They have a corporate website to build, markets to dominate, and customers to try and appeal to and satisfy. Many of the goals are the same, but the route to achieving them is sometimes slightly different to a traditional firm.

Consequently, here are the important elements of a successful ecommerce business.

Accessible Website

While an ecommerce website should look as attractive and appealing as possible, these are by no means the driving forces of a decent website. Aesthetics alone will only take a website so far, and if there’s no substance beneath the glossy banners and fancy fonts, any visitors will quickly learn this and exit the website without a second thought.

For all intents and purposes, an ecommerce’s web presence is the springboard to a good business, and thus success. Clear text should always be a priority, as well as headings in a bold, easy to read font to help site navigation. Visitors will struggle to get around the website if it has an overly elaborate presentation, so things should be kept smart yet simple.


Of course, one can have the flashiest website in existence and still make no headway. Obviously, a quality product is essential for an ecommerce business to become successful. Not only does it need to be of a good quality in terms of design and manufacturing, but it also needs to make waves in the market to ousts potential competitors.

Companies, whether online or not, fare much better when they minimise their competition by offering something truly unique. Therefore, a new niche needs to be created and explored to create this affect, rather than ripping off a rival’s already proven idea. Potential customers see through shameless copying straightaway, so integrity in a new idea is the best way to go.

Customer Service

Bad customer service is not an isolated event; rather, it’s the driving factor behind any firms overarching reputation. In fact, bad reputations can be so severe that the worst businesses can be printed across the major broadsheets, leaving nowhere left to hide. All it takes is one bad word, and things can quickly spiral out of control.

However, customer service can be improved for an ecommerce company by utilising chatbots and live chats that are programmed to pop up as soon as a visitor browses the web page. This offers them the chance to spark a dialogue and captivate their attention. Answering immediate queries through the website can expand customer retention, in place of them clicking away the moment they become confused.


It can be easy to think that the entire business can be found on a screen, and that the online world is the only thing that matters. However, at some point, every ecommerce company needs to tangibly prove their worth. If the grandiose marketing on the internet doesn’t match up with the real-world experience of customers, trouble will soon follow.

Late deliveries can dent the reputation of the ecommerce business severely. Many will use quality delivery companies like Whistl to ensure all orders arrive on time, minimising the chances of disgruntling customers. They have 60+ million ecommerce parcels passing through their dedicated hubs every year, so they’re more than capable of supporting online retailers big and small.

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