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IASME (Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises) considered as the best cyber security standard for small firms, is one of five companies that accomplished the right of an Accreditation Body. They can certify companies to comply with the government-backed, security-based scheme known as Cyber Essentials. It takes five controls into account, including the backup of data, staff awareness, physical security, and all of which would reduce the ratio of cyber-attacks.

When a company achieves certification to the IASME governance standard, it ensures a trusted and secure atmosphere for clients and customers. They can manage their documents online as well.

It follows the same execution pattern which the international standards community practices including the Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) principles. It provides structural management. Organisations encompass both the plans in their business world. The standard extends over all aspects of the business and demonstrates your interaction with the security.

IASME Governance:

The IASME Governance controls associated with the Cyber Essentials, therefore, IASME standard certification generally includes certification to the Cyber Essentials. The standard was launched in 2010 and highly effective in improving the security of small and medium-sized organisations. It gets updated and revised frequently to mould itself according to the changes in security risk environment of SMEs. But large organisations can also take advantage of the IASME Governance standard to reduce the risk of trading in supply chains.

The framework of the IASME Standard:

The IASME Consortium Ltd directs the standard. It is already operating a network of 150 Certification Bodies, which are licensed for the certification of candidate organisations.

The standard exists at two levels of assurance:

  • IASME Governance Self-appraisal:

Candidates fill out the questionnaire consisting of 150 queries. All of the questions cover the organisation customs. Certification Body grants with the Certification if all the answers are according to the standard.

  • IASME Gold (Governance Audited):

IASME Certification Body visits the candidate firm for the verification of the compliance with the standard. If they consider it auspicious, they issue the Certification.  The questionnaire is updated for the addition of more questions to comply with Cyber Essentials.

What IASME Propounds?

The IASME standard offers a constant assurance through the processes and policies consigning a dynamic security system and well-structured stipulation beyond the risks, allied with Cyber Scam.

The IASME standard is beneficial for any firm or corporation that is accountable for the storage and protection of confidential and valuable data.

Moreover, this Accreditation Body covers the following:

  • Security Incident
  • Cryptography
  • System Acquisition, development and maintenance
  • Organisation of Information
  • Access Control
  • Communications Security
  • Supplier Relationships
  • Compliance
  • Physical & Environment
  • Human Resources
  • Security Policies
  • Operations Security
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Management
  • Asset Management

All the IASME Certification Bodies are skilled and licensed to verify and certify against both the IASME governance standard and the Government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme. They also provide consulting services which can assist you to achieve the Certification.

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