Good help is hard to find. Individuals who work in HR or who are responsible for hiring employees to know just how true this is. A person may look great on paper. However, when they are in the actual working environment, there may be aspects of their personality or their behavior that qualify them as a bad hire. 

This is why recruiters need to go beyond looking at a potential employee’s resume. They should take advantage of pre-employment assessments and personality assessments to screen candidates effectively. Research has clearly shown that assessing the personality of a potential hire is a reliable and trustworthy method of predicting an employee’s future job performance. 

Not Every Employee Is Right for Every Work Environment

Just because a person has the ability to do a particular job does not mean that they are necessarily the right fit for a company’s work environment or that they will work well with the culture that has been created within the company. 

Research and experience have shown that cognitive ability is not the only indicator of whether or not a person will succeed professionally. Individuals who succeed have personality traits connected to leadership, cooperation, and achievement. Personality tests allow employers to quickly assess the candidate as to whether or not they are the right individual for a particular job. 

In order for a personality test to be effective, it needs to be well developed and scientifically proven. When these two criteria are met, a personality test may serve as an objective way for employers to predict employee performance. What makes personality tests so powerful is that they cover a wide range of job categories, which in turn allow an employer to select the right people based on the criteria that they have. 

A Tool to Encourage Growth, Not for Categorization

Potential employees or current employees being considered for promotion should not feel that these personality tests like the Berke are designed as a way to categorize or to judge them. Instead, they should be looked at as tools to help them develop and assist them as they grow into or with an organization. If a future hire or an employee being looked at for a promotion feels that the personality test is going to be used to categorize them or possibly judge them, they may be less inclined to answer the questions on the test honestly. Honest answers are needed for personality tests to produce the best results. 

Create a Positive Working Environment

A major part of creating a positive work environment is ensuring that your employees are in roles that are best suited for them. This means more than simply placing an employee in an area that they are interested in or that they have talent in. It also means choosing an area that best suits their personality. 

For example, a person who has a more introverted personality may enjoy working with more independence. An individual who has a more extroverted personality may enjoy collaborating with others. Personality tests make it possible for employers to know what works best for each person on their team while at the same time helping to unify the team. 

When employers get the results from personality assessments, they can use these to recognize patterns and similarities among their employees as well as their future hires. This allows employers to cater to their employees’ talents and interests. 

Why You Should Use Pre-Employment Personality Assessments

A person’s resume is not going to tell you whether or not they are the best person for a particular job. An interview is not always going to be the most accurate measure of a person. Scientifically created personality tests provide reliable and consistent ways of evaluating each potential employee, even before you do an interview with them. 

Pre-employment personality assessments can help you identify traits in potential employees that match the traits of your successful current employees. You will be able to minimize turnover, you will be able to improve the job satisfaction of your employees, and you will be able to minimize hiring costs. 

Personality tests can show you how a potential employee will interact in social environments. It will give insight into how they handle tasks and how they work. It will show whether candidates are flexible and adaptable or if they do not do well with a change in the work environment.

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