In today’s busy world, people lack time to read the entire article or paper to get to the gist of the paper. So, the need for a catchy statement in the beginning becomes evident while writing the thesis, which can make the readers aware in the beginning about what they are about to read and its relevance to them. The most common question that arises is how to write a thesis statement. A thesis is a very detailed document which contains a deep elaboration of every activity performed by the researcher. A thesis statement contains the central ideal of a  research to the reader and rest of the paper follows the main idea. Hence, the thesis statement must be written in a way that is captures the position of the writer on the main idea and makes the reader aware of the text that follows. A thesis statement must not be longer than one or two sentences. The thesis statement must be written well enough that it represents the topic of the thesis and gives an idea about the stand taken by the writer for the project. The thesis statement must be written in the beginning of the paper and must be specific as well as clear. There are three types of papers that usually require the thesis statements – expository papers, analytical papers and argumentative paper.  The thesis statements are different for all three of them. For example- for the argumentative paper, the thesis statement must make a claim which later is argued of disputed against.

If you are still wondering on how to write a thesis statement, the following points must be kept in mind:

  • The thesis statement usually appears either at the beginning or the end of the first paragraph; it must not be lost somewhere in the middle or late in the thesis.
  • The statement of the thesis must be as specific and clear as possible and the use of the vague words must be avoided.
  • If the topic diverges from the original thesis statement, the thesis statement must be revised time to time so that it reflects the main idea of the text. The thesis statement must evolve as per the changes in the arguments.
  • The sentence structures like “the main idea of my paper” or “the point of my paper” must be avoided.

The following example will give an idea on how to write a thesis statement or what the correct thesis statements look like.

“The car buying priorities of women and men are different from each other and so are their markets”. The paper that must follow this thesis statement must be based on the differences in the choices of the males and females while buying the car and what are the major characteristics they look in the car before buying. It must also contain the strategies adopted by the car suppliers and dealers while selling the cars to both the genders distinctively.

Thus, the above points give a brief idea on how to write the thesis statements to make them more attractive and specific to the details provided in the later text.

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