The Amazon Firestick is one of the most popular streaming devices, a simple, affordable, and feature-rich device. This allows you to convert any normal TV (with an HDMI) to a smart TV. That way, you can stream a ton of content, such as online media and streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and many other TV networks.

While all these are amazing features, there is one drawback: You need to pay subscription fees to watch content from the streaming platforms. Unfortunately, these subscriptions aren’t cheap and can cost quite a lot, especially when you subscribe to more than one platform.

That’s why people opt to unlock their Firestick, which you can learn on cord cutters. Doing this will allow you to stream third-party apps and get you access to all forms of media content! 

But how do you do that? Read on to find out.

How to Unlock Your Amazon Firestick 

You can hire someone to unlock your Firestick or you can purchase one that comes at a more expensive price. This ends up burning a hole in your pocket. That is why it’s best to do it by yourself and for FREE!

You’ll be surprised with how easy the steps are, anyone can do it. Get started by following these steps:

Install a Downloader

When you are unlocking or jailbreaking your Firestick, it involves installing a third-party APK to your device to stream for free. You cannot find this in the Amazon App Store.

To install the third-party streaming apps, you will need to install a facilitating application, as the Firestick doesn’t support direct download from browsers, compared to Android mobiles.

That said, you can find a lot of third-party facilitating apps. To do this, select Find and Search from your Firestick Home. Type your chosen third-party app (like Downloader), then click the app ‘Downloader’ icon from the next screen, and then select ‘Download’ (or ‘Get’).

Let the app download, then install it. Click Open and launch the app, dismissing prompts that display when using it the first time.

Set Up Your Firestick

Next up, you’ll have to tweak your Firestick settings so the jailbreaking process works. Not to worry, as this is a native setting and you won’t infiltrate your system settings, nor will you manipulate your operating system’s core files. You simply need your Firestick, the remote, and a good Internet connection.

Head to the Settings of your Firestick from its Homepage. Select ‘My Fire TV’ then “Developer Options’, Switch on ‘ADB Debugging’ then ‘Install Unknown Apps’. This will grant you permission to download apps outside the Amazon App Store.

Select Downloader and set it to ON. Now, go back to your main Settings and open ‘Preferences’, then ‘Privacy Settings’. Switch off ‘Device Usage Data’ and ‘Collect App Usage Data’, then go back to Preferences and select ‘Data Monitoring’, switching it off.

Jailbreak Your Firestick

Now, it’s time to jailbreak your Firestick and install streaming apps for you to enjoy. You can start off with Kodi 18, a media app providing access to free entertainment, such as movies, TV shows, channels, sports, and a lot more. 

To do this, go back to your third-party facilitating app and open it. Depending on the app you open, you should search for ‘Kodi 18’ and allow it to download the APK file. Once downloaded, install Kodi and wait for it until the installation has finished.

Once the App Installed notification pops up, you now have Kodi on your Firestick and your device is officially unlocked. Click Open and run Kodi, or click ‘Done’ to open it later on from the Your Apps & Channels list. 

It will take a minute or so to open up Kodi if it’s your first time, which is normal. Now, you can use your unlocked Firestick and enjoy more free content!

Take Notes

After you have unlocked your Firestick, you need to do one thing before using it: Get a VPN! Your government and ISP would monitor online activities, and if you access copyrighted content on your Firestick illegally, this may get you in trouble. 

With a strong VPN, it will mask your IP address so you can stream favorite content for free without worry. Plus, you get more security with your online data throughout your devices. 

Once you’re done getting a VPN, begin enjoying your Firestick and the many free contents!

Wrapping It Up

You can find a lot of unlocked Amazon Fire TV Sticks that are overpriced, sold for $20 more than what it’s actually worth. By following the right steps, you can unlock it on your own and save more in the long run. 

Hopefully, this article on how to unlock your Amazon Firestick helped you out. Don’t wait any longer and follow these steps to enjoy even more content for FREE! Have fun!

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