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You must take care of your natural hair extension much in the same way as you do for your natural hair. Although using Brazilian hair bundles as extensions has made it easy to make you look attractive and desirable, to maintain the good looks you must take proper care for it. Even to get the best value for money for the extension you should retain its health and looks for a longer time by looking after it properly.

Tangling is the worst thing that can happen to the hair, and you must avoid it. Hair shedding is also a problem that you might face when using hair extensions but there are ways of minimizing it that you must learn about and practice. It does not matter whether you choose straight or body wave or curly hair for the extension; the amount of care would be the same for all.

How to avoid tangling

Some things in life might appear quite easy to do, but it might not be the right way as you would realize when you are trying to take care of your natural hair extension. It may appear that shampooing the hair is the easiest task but not so if you are using a natural hair extension. To prevent hair tangling, you must use a mild shampoo and be careful in lathering your hair from top to bottom and not the other way.

Washing and conditioning your hair at least twice a week is the recommendation of hair stylists besides spraying it daily with a leave-in conditioner. Never make the mistake of sleeping on wet hair or hair that is already tangled.

Prevent hair shedding

Just as your natural hair is prone to shedding the same can happen with hair extensions, and you must know how to prevent thinning of the hair volume. While there is a process in place for growing natural hair that makes up some of the losses from shedding, there is nothing of the sort for hair extensions, and the losses are likely to be permanent.

For silky and soft hair, you must use some hair oil after washing the hair and comb gently with a wide-toothed comb would ensure that there is minimal shedding even if not prevented altogether. Avoid using any heat on the hair, and in case you must do not forget to use a heat protectant.

Tips for daily hair care

Every morning let your hair down.Wash your hair extension gently and never brush or comb extensions when it is wet as it will shorten the life of hair and even rip off some hair.  Whether you change styles often or not, remember to keep the hair moist. Use a wide-toothed comb to untangle dry extensions gently and have the patience to remove all tangled hair without plucking it. After washing the hair allow it to dry naturally after initially wiping it gently with a towel.

The more you treat the hair extension as your own better will be its lasting and performance.

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