Isn’t it almost impossible to find someone who does not even possess the mere desire of money? Maybe that is the case. Different people try different methods to earn money. Some go for service while the others do business.

Some steps to follow

To start a business of any sort, one should cultivate a good relationship with a local antique expert at the first place. Someone who has experience in this sector. When one is uncertain of an item’s value, then that person should align with other professionals they can ask help from.

Secondly, that person should visit the municipal halls of the towns where he/she would be holding their sales, and ask for pieces of information like whether any special permits are needed or not. In some places, there are some strict rules and regulations for holding sales, so one should abide by them.

Attics to basements, the seller, should draw up a contract with the party he/she is working for before anything is conducted. One should make sure that all details are clear and defined, and everyone should be in agreement on terms. Commission rates for the seller’s services are around 10 to 20 percent.

The beginning

Now, before anything, just register the business name, and one can do it simply and easily over the internet. The registration would certify one’s authorization of collecting sales tax and everything else. And having authorization or certification of the business could come in handy anytime, whether that’s a business crisis or something else. Furthermore, any business not being registered is eventually tagged illegal, and this is the last thing one would want as an estate seller.


In this process, one also has to put advertisements for estate sales in local newspapers. The classified ones are the ones more expensive. People also scan through the classified ones looking for an estate sale. 

Being a seller, one should construct free-standing signs along streets to direct visitors on the day of the sale. But at the same time, those have to be removed after the sale. The warning to be kept in mind is that no sign should be kept near any traffic sign, that will not be allowed. The signs should be simple and read nothing more than ESTATE SALE so that one can use them later. They should be generic and clearly point the way.

In this market, the handiest and essential tool is patience. Allow time to evaluate, price, and prepare an estate for sale, A large estate would require a significant amount of time to be ready. Every item, no matter how big or small, should be labeled with its price. The days of marketing should be scheduled in a two-three days period, the price should be reduced on the last day to ensure quick sales. TIME IS MONEY!


After one gets experienced a bit, workload increases on that person. At that stage, one should hire help, especially on a sale day (if there are any tradition of any such day), sale days are going to be hectic. Buyers will need assistance and direction, and they will have a bucket of queries, one cannot complain about it, this requires patience, and this is how it works. Keep essential documents in hand, hire some event staff. 

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