Visual Private Network is a private network which creates a safe and encrypted connection to the internet. In this the data is encrypted for confidentiality and the packets might be intercepted on the shared or public network. It allows user to work at home or at office to connect in a secure to a remote corporate server using the internet. It is a point to point connection between the user’s computer and corporate server.

You can use the VPN in many ways like remote user accesses a private network across the internet using a remote access VPN connection and in another way remote office connects to the corporate network using a persistent. VPN also provides a limited network access to non employees. There are many VPN products in the market with all kinds of feature.

Remote access VPN

The remote access VPN allows an user to connect to a private business network from a remote location by using laptop or desktop connected to the internet. It establishes a secure connection and the anyplace network access offers the employee ability to perform their function. It also provides secure connection with access rights for individual or others and also improves productivity by corporate network.

Remote access VPN reduces communication cost and enhances flexibility. There are two types of primary method like IP security and secure socket layer where each method has its own advantage. The IP security is one of the two common VPN protocol to get a secure VPN connection which allows to access a entire network. IPsec VPNs comes in two types like tunnel mode and transport mode where tunnel mode encrypt an entire outgoing packet and the transport mode allows to encrypts the IP payload and ESP trailer being sent between two sites. SSL VPN is the second common protocol which allows segmented access for users. In this scenario, user can be limited for checking email and accessing shared drives.


It is one of the best VPN provider in the market, it encrypts your online activity to safeguard your private data from hacker and other from getting data. It comes with high performance and also open any kind of websites and censored content. NordVPN protects upto 6 devices simultaneously and also protects the internet traffic. NordVPN gives you double encryption to get a extra layer of privacy where the online traffic is encrypted twice and the second VPN will not be aware of your real IP address. The final destination of the web will remain unknown and the connection are mixed between UDP and TCP.

Military grade encryption

It provides cutting edge security technology to get strong VPN encryption between the device and it uses AES(Advanced encryption standard) with 256 bit-keys. openVPN is a robust piece with open sources software to get online security and fast VPN service. It can be used for TCP and UDP ports and selecting TCP port is reliable option for accessing the web and the UDP can be used for faster online gaming as well as live streaming experience. It is used for Windows, MacOS and Android. However, both can be used for your online privacy and security.


If you enable cyber security feature it blocks suspicious websites and no malware and cyber threat cannot infect the computer. It is a advanced technology solution for giving better performance and offers safe access to the internet. There are many advantages of using Cybersecurity like blocking dangerous website, avoid botnet control and skip annoying ad . The dangerous website are blocked with cybersecurity feature which regularly scan website address against popular blocklist and also safeguards the user from phishing scam. With botnet control, the device will be secured from participating in DDoS attack even if it is already attacked with malware. The unwanted pop-ups, autoplay video ads and other advertising are skipped when you enter a website. It also enhances the load speed of the data and also avail internet free ads with NordVPN.

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