Due to the evolution of internet and technology, a large amount of data including text, audios, videos, applications and pictures is stored by every individual globally. This makes it really essential to keep the data safer from being corrupted or lost due to deletion. Photos are the most commonly stored multimedia types as these are clicked each day and stored as a memory for the time to come. But what will happen if you accidentally delete the photos stored in your Mac book? How will you recover deleted photos from laptop? So, now we will have a look at the best ways to get your deleted files and pictures back without any hassles.

Ways of Recovery

Many a times, we accidentally delete the photos or files from our laptop and sometimes when we don’t feel the need to keep them. But if we wish to get these back and access them, we always think it’s not possible but it is. With the help of right procedures and recovery software, we can easily recover deleted pictures & data. Every technological engineer keeps such kind of problems in mind while creating operating systems and software, thus making it easier for us to get a solution to these problems easily. Some operating systems have inbuilt functions to get back deleted files while others need a third party software to get back the deleted photos.

What is Recovery Software?

As the name suggests, this is specially designed software that helps in finding and fetching the files or photos that have been deleted from your computer by mistake or knowingly. This way you will not lose important photo files permanently and you can rest assured about not losing any kind of data. Mostly the recovery software’s are specifically designed to fetch files with image extensions only, for example, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, RAW etc, but some software also recovers other file types such as documents or video files. An example of one of the finest software’s for recovering on a global scale is Recover it.

The Recovery Process

Most of the softwares follow almost similar kind of data recovery process. The process is quite simple and can be easily executed by a person with general computer knowledge. We will take an example of Recover it software and the steps to be followed are:

  1. Firstly, we need to download, install & open the software and then choose the preferred recovery mode out of the various types available. If you choose ‘deleted files recovery’, then you will be able to get back the photo files deleted from your laptop.
  2. Then, you will be asked to choose the disk drive from which the photos were deleted& then click ‘Start’. For example, Local Disk C or D or E etc.
  3. After that the scanning for the photos will begin & within sometime the results will be shown to you, with a preview available for you to check and find the needed files.
  4. If the photos you were looking for were not shown in the search results, then you can choose the deep scanning mode as it will provide even better results including the files that were not shown in the normal scan results.
  5. Then, you can check the files using the preview option and then click on ‘recover’ option to get the desired files retrieved to the location you prefer.

Tips For Keeping Data Safer

The need to recover deleted files, videos and photos is quite common these days. Although data recovery softwares can be used to get data back you can also follow some useful tips that can help in keeping the data safer with you. Following are the most important tips:

  • Using antivirus is one of the best ways to keep the files, photos, videos & documents safe from being corrupted through malwares and viruses. So, always keep an antivirus installed & updated in your computer to keep data safer.
  • Backing up data regularly is always a great strategy to keep data safer, and if you store the backup in an external source such as a hard drive, it is an even better option.
  • Try to recheck the deleted files in the recycle bin before permanently deleting those as this will help in avoiding any mistakes while file deletion.


So, you don’t have to worry about permanent data loss because with the help of right recovery software you can easily retrieve deleted or formatted files. These softwares are available free of cost as well as in paid versions, offering different kinds of features & compatibility. Also if you follow the essential tips, you can easily protect your data & files while avoiding data loss. So, always stay careful while deleting any kinds of data and avoid all kinds of hassles.

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