What do we know about Tarot cards?

First references about Tarot cards go back to Europe of XIV century, times of Joan of Arc, Dante and his Divine Comedy, Hundred Years’ War and so on.

One of the definitions of these cards is Tarot of 78 doors, both metaphoric and physical meanings, and the spiritual keys that are used to open them. The doors depicted on the cards are various, but they signify an entryway to new opportunities or solutions to problems.

Why 78? Because Tarot deck includes 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards – total 78.

And of course, everyone who is interested in them wants to know how to read tarot cards.

The image of each tarot card in a tarot deck contains a certain symbolism. Sometimes characters are visible and well recognizable and understandable, and sometimes they are hidden, as if woven into the image itself. The more you study Tarot, the more it opens, and the deeper you understand the meaning of every card.

Tarot cards are instruments, they help people in their life path, shows their possibilities, discipline their mind, to understand themselves, learn to predict and hear themselves as well.

You can learn Tarot card reading during all your life but you also can make the first steps just in a few days.

Are you interested? Do you want to learn more about them? Then let’s take the next step.

Start tarot for beginners right here!

There are three ways of how to read tarot cards:

  • Systematic, when you strictly follow the meanings of the card according to the instructions.
  • Intuitive, when you look at the picture on the card and you have certain images popping up in your head and you try to understand and explain them. This way is possible only for advanced Tarot readers.
  • Mixed, when you use the classic reading and but at the same time listen to your intuition. Even if you are just a beginner in reading Tarot you always can catch such feelings as anxiety, fear, happiness.

How to choose Tarot for beginners?

So which Tarot card deck will be applicable for beginners? Currently, the “magic market” is full of a variety of tarot decks. There exist actually hundreds of varieties of Tarot decks to choose from, all come with their own mythology, symbolism, stories and energy.

Even if you are a Tarot beginner or an experienced expert, choosing a Tarot deck can be incredibly overwhelming.

But you will see that all decks are different, so then their meanings will also be different? No. All tarot cards have the same system.

If there is a certain deck that is calling you, that might be the one you need to get. But remember, that the deck you are choosing no one else shouldn’t touch, as you need to have your own aura and power and energy for them.

But in order not to get confused in interpretation, at first, don’t choose spreads on the full deck. It is better for beginners to start Tarot with those options that use only Major Arcana Cards.

Major Arcana Cards in any deck has another meaning – trump cards.  If you know how to read tarot cards with their help you will get a comprehensive, detailed answer to any problem, you can find a way out of an uncertain or difficult situation.

You can get your own Tarot cards in an app which is called Tarot Life. In order to learn the meanings of Major Arcana cards or to solve any situations you have for now or just to get a prediction for your near future you can get to this amazing app.

What should be the next step?

First what you should do after getting Tarot cards deck in your hands is to make a spread. Everything comes with experience. You can interpret opened cards according to yourself and then check it in the book or the website and compare the results.

One of the simplest spreads is to spread them into three parts:

  1. Past
  2. Present
  3. Future

If you want to train yourself you can ask a question according to these three parts. Of course you immediately want to use cards to read about your future, but it would be important for you to understand whether you understand the meaning of cards or not (you can compare the opened card spread with the facts from your life) and to know whether you are ready to start working with them.

The card spread is best done in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Formulate your question that you want to ask the deck. You can even write it on paper so that it can be in front of your eyes. After that, shuffle the cards as you used to. There are traditions in which cards need to be taken out of the deck only with the left hand or shuffled in a certain sequence. All these rules of the hand cards exist in order to help you tune in to the deck, ritualize this moment. Follow them, or shuffle the deck as you like, concentrate on the sensations in your hands, and mentally or aloud repeat your question.

What qualities do you need working with Tarot cards?

  • Intuition. Working with the tarot, a person learns to add the big picture out of any separate concrete facts. The idea that in life all phenomena and events are permeated by interconnections, mutual influences, and not always rational and obvious, is manifested in any spread. The more complicated the spread, the more it requires the skills to see these connections.
  • Inner honesty. This part can be a little bit problematic reading spreads because you can take the situation too personal or have interest in a certain answer. In this case you should be honest with yourself.
  • To trust Tarot. In the beginning you might be skeptical towards Tarot cards. But cards are wise and they can forgive you their weakness.
  • Concentration. It is not that concentration you need in a gym or doing the homework. It is like the attention when talking to a person – if you don’t follow his thoughts, then you won’t understand what he is talking about at all and you can’t remember what it was about. Same happens communicating with the cards.

And choosing a deck, a blanket for divination and the shape of candles, you should first of all be guided by your personal preferences. Create comfort in your work.

These days Tarot is becoming more interesting and fascinating. Whoever has contacted with this wonderful world called Tarot can no longer live without it. But again, this is not being dependent on them. This is the support that everyone needs. Of course, Tarot cannot replace communication and friends.

But Tarot Life app can help in a difficult moment. If you are just a beginner and only now learning the charming world of Tarot, then hurry to download it right now for free from both platforms iOS and Android as it will be the best basis for you to dive into the world of Tarot cards.

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