Google continues to improve the way search results are displayed. Marketers need to capitalize on Featured Snippets that Google depends on increasingly.

According to Alex Gold of​​ SEO Vancouver​,featured snippets are certainly worth the effort. The first thing that people will see on most SERPs is a featured snippet. Getting your website into this highly valuable spot as part of your SEO campaigns can help to enhance your visibility.

Below are tips to feature on snippets:

    1​.Getan idea from other snippets

It is essential to use a tool like Ahrefs Site Explorer, SEMrush, or Moz Pro to get featured snippets. With the use of these tools, you can see where your site ranks for search queries and depending on those latest rankings you will see which queries presently show featured snippets as well as in what format.

  1. Featured snippets cannot be created

Google generates featured snippets at their own will. Regardless of what you do from an SEO viewpoint, you cannot force the making of the featured snippet.

  1. Make answers easily understandable in your content

When you try to respond to difficult questions, there is a probability your answers might get too long. And that is not a bad thing. The significance of long form content (articles with 2000 words or more) has grown in the post-hummingbird SEO age. Choose Best SEO Services London to improve your website.

With that said, longer posts do not help Google to display your articles in the featured snippets box. While Google may always go for H2, H3 tags from your articles and include them in the section of featured snippets, you cannot rely on it to perform similarly in most cases. In these kinds of events, it seems sensible to include a TL; DR or summary version of your answers right at the top of the article.

  1. Page 1 rankings needed

Except if your page ranks on page one for a search query that activates a featured snippet, acquiring one will be almost impossible. Actually,​ Ahrefs did research ​discovered that 99.58 % all featured snippets are from sites that rank in the top ten of that search phrase.

  1. Analyze and identify opportunities

Once you have identified a featured snippet for a search term you rank on page 1 for, you need to try and capture it. What is the existing website doing well to respond to the user’s question? What can be improved and offer the best experience for users looking for that topic? Create your content in a manner that will offer the best answer.

  1. Think inverse pyramid

You would like putting the solution to the featured snippet on the upper part of your post. You can start by answering the question, then supplement the remainder of the content on that page using information, so the user might get everything addressed in this one place.

  1. Targeting long tail keywords

“Whenever you target common keywords, the probability of you featuring in the snippets is very low since there is a lot of competition. This is especially the situation if you are a new website with a domain authority that is low taking on giants in your field”, says Adam Heitzman a co-founder and managing partner at​ HigherVisibility​.

In such instances, you need to generate content targeting ‘long tail keywords’ that have minimal competition. Long tail keywords are not simply great for increasing organic traffic to your website; however, they may also help you get ranked in featured snippets.

  1. Featured snippets are growing and getting more diverse

While these snippets have been in existence for a while, their displays and types have expanded lately. As these keep diversifying and expanding, there will be even more chances for companies to rank in this position.

  1. Check out the “People Also Search” box

Checking out the results in this box will not only assist you to respond to relevant questions, but also trigger ideas for other content you may write to help your ​search engine optimization ​efforts. These searches are nearly always related and can help to acquire an understanding of other related keywords.

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