Update Your Kitchen

Planning a new kitchen is a very exciting project, especially when you have control over every decision being made. The kitchen is seen to be the heart of the home, so it’s always worth putting lots of time and effort into making this space as warm and welcoming as possible. From the initial layout designs to the colour scheme and hardware, you can choose everything down to the very last detail to make it the kitchen of your dreams. 

Accessibility Considerations

The first thing you should think about when designing your perfect kitchen is how accessible the space is going to be. 

How you position certain cupboard and appliances is an extremely important thing and knowing what you’ll need access wise helps you to achieve perfect layout. Taking the size of the room, available floorspace and potential layout into consideration will help you to visualise your kitchen and plan our where everything needs to be. 

For example, if you have a kitchen island with cupboards or shelving units, you need to be able to easily access these areas, as well as having plenty of space around the fridge area and dishwasher. 

Key Details

Alongside kitchen appliances, there are some key décor details that you need to select for your kitchen. Your kitchens hardware, including door handles and cabinet pulls are extremely important as they help to finish off the overall look in style, so you want to opt for styles and finishes that will complement the overall décor. 

Take a look online at the GJohns collection of door handles and hardware, to get an idea of the different options available, comparing the different finishes and materials to find the ones that will work best for your kitchen. 

Choosing Cabinets

As the majority of the kitchen is made up of the kitchen cabinets, they’re often one of the most important decisions of the whole process. 

Knowing which kind of kitchen to go for, whether you opt for shaker style cabinets or more of a modern aesthetic, can be difficult so it’s always worth looking around, creating your own mood boards and playing around with different ideas before you make any final choices. 

Once you’re settled on your décor style and you know what kind of cabinets you want to go for, you can start to make enquiries and build your ideal kitchen with a trusted supplier. 

Lighting Levels

Throughout the day the kitchen is used for a number of different purposes, so you want to provide the right lighting to set the tone from morning until evening. Choosing the lighting for your kitchen requires working out which areas you’re going to want to highlight the most, whether that’s a statement chandelier above the kitchen island, or some subtle wall lights to brighten the dining area, but either way you can create the perfect atmosphere with some balanced lighting. 

Set a Budget

Keeping a clear budget in mind will really help you to achieve your dream kitchen, without breaking the bank. Budgets help to highlight exactly what you have to spend, what you’re spending on what and how much you have left once you’ve made certain payments. 

This is extremely important as you need to have full visibility on what your kitchen is costing you. You’ll find it much easier to work out what you have to spend on each area of the kitchen if you have an idea as to what you have available overall. 

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