Moving away from your home is a very emotionally and physically tiring task. You might already be feeling sentimental about changing homes, your routine life, adjusting and getting used to a new home and lifestyle. To top that you have to plan how to move all your house stuff and that too carefully because you want to take all your precious belongings safely, in one piece. There are a lot of other moving formalities that need to be completed, like address change in banks, post office etc. so you’re already overwhelmed with several responsibilities. However, the most important and major responsibility is that of moving the entire home.

If you’re just shifting homes, then the moving task is still a bit easier and can be done over a period of few days. But if you’re moving to another city, state or even country, then it can be really stressful because then you need to ensure that all your stuff gets transferred to the new place smoothly and efficiently in one move.

If you’re worried about where to start and how to plan your move to your new home, then here are the steps that can assure an easy move of your home.

  1. Distance and Time to Move

Before actually packing things and moving, you need to plan the move. So get a few things out of the way like the distance that you need to move and how much time do you have before you need to make the move. If the distance is a lot, for example, if you’re moving to another city or state, it means that all your stuff will most probably need to get transferred in one move and will have to be more carefully packed and stored. In case you’re just moving to a different house, then you can still afford to make multiple trips back and forth and may not need very strong packing.

Once you’ve got the distance out of the list, then calculate the number of days you have before you need to move. A timeline is important to plan and prioritise your packing so that you can stick to the moving day deadline and make the shift on time.

  1.  Budget

Moving is going to cost you money, you’ll have to spend more than your usual monthly expenditure on packing all your things and getting them transported so make sure you’ve got a budget in place and your savings ready. If you need to make arrangement for your funds then get this done well in time before your move because the expenditure on your move will not be a one day expense, there will be different expenses on different days as you go about executing your move.

  1. Packers and Movers

It’s always a wise choice to get the service of professional packers and movers to help you with your house move. You can ask F&M Bennett & Son Removals and Storage Specialists for a free quote on your house move. They will be able to provide you packing and moving services in London or Essex, across the country and even to a different part of Europe. They can also store your belongings till the time you don’t need them.

  1. Final Packing

Sit with your packers and movers and plan your packing days. You should start with the least important stuff and pack that first. The most important stuff like your kitchen and certain toiletries and clothing should be packed towards the end because you’re going to need these till the time you haven’t moved into your new place.


A smooth house move is all about effective planning and efficient packing. So get a timeline in place, get the packers and movers scheduled and take some time to enjoy the last few days in your old home, while you prep for all the excitement awaiting you in your new home.

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