If you want a break from that daily schedule of office, college, etc. but don’t have enough time for planning a 2-4 days long trip, then try a boat trip this time! A boat trip will be one of the best ways to have fun after the Covid 19 pandemic, which had really created a mess in our lives. 

A boat trip is much more exciting than it sounds. It is not like any road trip because the planning for boat trip is strikingly different from that of a road trip. A boat trip requires much more planning than latter. One needs to take many parameters into account while planning for boat trip, and this can be a difficult task for those who are doing it first time. We will be discussing about how to plan a boat trip.

 Here are some things that should be kept in mind while planning a boat trip:

  1. Destination: The first step while planning boat trip must be choosing a right destination. A lake is quite perfect for boating. While choosing right destination one must ensure that weather conditions are good, it must not be too far, must not be in extreme forested area, etc. 
  2. Weather: A pleasant weather will surely add joy to your trip but harsh weather conditions can be really dangerous. While looking at weather you need to confirm that the wind speed should not be so high, it must be sunny with very low chances of precipitation, the tides must not be high, etc. If you find any of these parameters prevalent you must avoid a boat trip because it could be dangerous.
  3. Boat: The boat one chooses for the trip must be in good condition. It must be safe to travel. While planning for boat trip you must look if the boat has any issue and if it has it must be repaired. One must check whether all parts of boat are functioning properly or not. These steps must be taken while planning the trip because after planning if you find any issue you will not be able to enjoy the trip.
  4. Take away list: While planning, one must also plan for list of things one will require while the trip. Some of the things like water bottles, eatables, electronics like AirPods, GPS tracker, navigator, etc. must not be left. For skincare one must include sunscreen and towels to prevent tanning. Planning is the most crucial step and it must be done properly to minimise the problems. 
  5. Other things to keep in mind: One must ensure that all the members get notified about timings and venue. It must also be ensured that no one is thalassophobic (phobia of water bodies) and motion sickness. Everyone must take good sleep prior to the boating day to enjoy to fullest. If you are with your children then give them proper indications before commencing the trip. One should focus on these things to enjoy the boat trip.

A boat trip is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires huge planning and plotting. If you make wrong planning the entire trip will be ruined. A boat trip can be much more joyous and exciting than outdated road trips. You get lost to learn and you get to spend time with yourself in a boat trip. So next time when you think to have a break then do plan a road trip. If you are afraid of a boat trip, then don’t worry because it just takes proper planning.

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