Typically, moving the house is not a one-day affair as it compels each member of the family to dig deep into every minute detail and tick several boxes to ensure a smooth, trouble-free move. 

For that, at least a week or two is indispensable for making arrangements, but you never know, you may find yourself in a situation when you have to vacate your previous home and shift to your new address in less than 24 hours.

A quick one-day home relocation scenario happens in either of the cases. The first being, you have got a little time between finding your new house and the actual move. Second being, you’ve delayed your moving process, and now you baffle with unpacked home a day before the relocation. 

Regardless of why you have to move in just 24 hours, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that will guide you through this tough time. 

Hiring a Logistics Company

The foremost step towards your home relocation event is reaching out to trustworthy removalists in Adelaide

Though, it is a baffling task to locate a credible logistics company at the last minute as it is obvious to get confused with so many options. But, instead of delaying your decision, it is advisable to talk to your known those who have recently contracted a local removal company or trust the words of people over various customer feedback portals.

A Few Parameters To Find The Best Moving Specialists 

  • Check How Long the Company Has Been in Business
  • The License of the Moving Company 
  • The Insurance of the Removing Service Provider
  • The Services Covered Under The Moving Package 
  • Check their Online Reviews & Ratings
  • Find the Company’s Service Area
  • Inquire About Their Moving Equipment

And, lastly, don’t look for the best mover in town, but go with one which is best for you!

Deal with Unwanted Stuff

Once you have decided on the logistics company and had scheduled the move, your next big step is dealing with all unwanted stuff accumulated in your home over the years. It is best to assign each member with one room to locate the unworthy items in the cabinet, closet, and other confined spaces. 

You can segregate the stuff into two boxes-throw and sell away. Besides the small knick knacks, you must carefully think about the bulky furniture items, maybe your old-deteriorated sofa set. So, consider the space at your new address and make such decisions accordingly.

Commerce Packing Right Away

When your unwanted items are out of the list, and moving of the valuables is sorted with hiring a reputed local removals Melbourne company, so now without wasting a second, start with packing right away. For this, you’ll be required to obtain packaging supplies, including taps and empty cartons.

 It is highly advisable to pack stuff from each room individually. You must carefully highlight what’s in the box with the use of a marker to avoid confusion at your new place.

Take Help

Don’t feel timid to request help for your friends, relatives or known in the area. Organization and packing stuff will then become breezy-easy this way. And, at the end of the day, when the move is made, don’t forget to throw a pizza party at your new place. So,  the home relocation can be done in a smooth and fun way. 

Let Your Mover Do Some Work

Since when you are hiring a professional mover they will manage a myriad of tasks. They will do stuff like loading and unloading items, disassembling furniture, etc. Even if they charge you a few dollars extra, but the deal is still worth it, as time is not on your side. 

Final Words

Moving is complex, but it is not impossible. Use above listed easy steps to relocate in a short-notice and enjoy a fresh start at your new place. 

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