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Most online store owners today are measuring the conversion rates and overall traffic from their visitors. Some might even be tracking return on investment based on sales and adwords costs.

Surprising number of online merchants are still only getting a fragmented overview of their visitors’ user experience. Unlike a real physical store where you can virtually see the customers as they browse through your website.  User experience of your online products is less obvious when it comes to online shopping. That is why you need the HumCommerce free WooCommerce plugin.

One of the big advantages that brick and mortar stores still have over online stores is this very aspect, but it does not need to be so. The default WooCommerce plugin allows store owners to extract some basic data about user interaction patterns. With this limited insight into the data it can sometimes become more confusing than revealing.

In general there are a lot of unknown variables that you can only guess about when using the default WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. 

There are many good plugins and systems for WooCommerce to help store owners understand the customers better.

Today we are talking specifically about HumCommerce.
The plugin is completely free and able to be downloaded on the official WordPress plugin directory.

HumCommerce user behavior analytics plugin can help WooCommerce stores improve their profitability in general.

In short, HumCommerce records user visits in great detail, revealing many previously hidden and unknown aspects of the user experience.

It has new age features that records and tracks dead links and broken error pages, to abandoned carts. The plugin aims to help store owners figure out how to optimize their store to retain customers and sell more. HumCommerce helps eCommerce stores to optimize checkout flow without breaking the bank or being too complex to understand.

Watch the short video to learn what exactly HumCommerce does.

How can HumCommerce help you improve cart abandonment?

Like WordPress itself, HumCommerce has a dashboard where the most important data is displayed in the form of session recordings. Every time you log in to your WordPress you can see how much revenue has been lost to errors and other problems on your website.

HumCommerce gives you 20 season recordings with problems daily. You need to decide whether to fix the problems or ignore them.

We all know that reducing abandoned carts is one of the more profitable things to work on when it comes to online shopping. With HumCommerce you are not only shown that a user stopped shopping, but also if the user had any error messages or dead links as they were doing so. This means you can easily find out exactly what happened to your abandoned carts, and hopefully fix them without too many problems.

The plugin also records the all user session itself, and offers to show false clicks. If you are not familiar with this term, it means that a user clicked some place on the website that was not a link. If you see many false clicks on your pages, it could mean that users do not know how to interact with your site, thus making them frustrated and confused. Fixing these false clicks can therefore be not only a good thing for the user experience, but also for your bottom line.


Hopefully by now you understand why adding HumCommerce free WooCommerce plugin to your online store can be a good thing. But you might be worried that all this seems like spying on customers.

HumCommerce does not record and personally identifiable information, meaning the plugin is also GDPR compliant. You can of course also use Google analytics at the same time, to get as many data as possible from your potential customers.

If you wish to improve profitability of your business, start using HumCommerce today. You will be grateful to the kind of insights you get with this free WooCommerce plugin.

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