For most people at school, science is one of the hardest subjects to master. It always looks like great fun with all the experiments that they like to wow you with, but the academic side behind all the explosions can be quite advanced and complicated to grasp. So, for the many people who find themselves slowly going backward in class while still enjoying the action, here are a few simple tips to help you improve your marks and ensure that you pass with flying colours when it comes around to exams. But be warned, there are no quick fixes!

Take it out of school

One of the best ways to improve the learning curve is to get lessons outside of the school environment. In this regard find a chemistry tutor Brisbane or Sydney or Melbourne will all have lots of very well qualified university student who are looking to earn some extra cash on the side. And they will be happy to earn it by imparting their knowledge to you. Or look for a college or institute that offers small classes or one-on-one tutoring, who can give you the attention and insights that you need to help you improve.

Use the internet

It is incredible how many resources are available on the internet. YouTube alone has millions of hours of great science and chemistry-related material, presented in a fun and entertaining way that is accessible to the younger generation. Go there and make liberal use of it. Learning is meant to be fun and while it might seem like a bad idea to grumpy older people, YouTube and Google are the go-to answer for teens and twenty-somethings with their easily accessible and well-presented materials.

Know the plan

Just striving to get good marks is not very useful, there needs to be an actual goal in mind. In other words, what do you intend to do with those good marks? If your plan is to grow up, head to university and become a science professor, then good chemistry and physics marks will be very important. If your plan is to be a tree-surgeon, then botany marks will be more relevant than chemistry. The point is that you need to play to a plan, while good marks are great for the ego, it is pointless spending ages and placing yourself under extreme pressure, to over-achieve in a field that is ultimately going to be irrelevant. So, know the plan and apply the pressure accordingly.

Ask questions

This is probably the easiest element of an improvement plan to implement. Simply commit to asking questions if there are things about which you are unclear. There are very few teachers who will begrudge an interested learner asking questions. You will also be amazed at how many other people in eth class are probably also wondering the same things that you are but who simply are not asking. The point is, it is hard to progress to the next level if you don’t fully understand where you are at the current level. So, make sure that you have a complete grasp of the material and do this by interrogating the teacher.

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