A free-spirited person who loves to travel, work on his own terms and wants have his own business can hardly fit in a job. It’s like a lion trapped in a rabbit’s body but having a full-time job has its own perks and benefits.

Except the fact you are getting a full-time salary every month in your bank account without delay, one also gets perks like health insurance, retirement benefits, gratuity, bonus and of course promotions.

Whereas shifting to freelancing whether as a writer, developer, photographer or a trainer can be soul-satisfying but takes its own pace and time. However, if you have planned to change then make sure that this transition phase is smooth and planned.

Don’t be broke

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Leaving the job at the time of financial crisis is not a good option. When the debts are high or the bank balance is low then survival is at stake which will add to the burden. It is advisable to first save some pennies which can be done by shopping smartly using vouchers from By Discount Codes or cutting down the budget and sticking to the basic needs and requirements.

Create an alternative first

Creating a freelance client base is important before leaving the full-time job. It is important to understand that starting your own business as a freelancer will take few months and it’s important to have a regular paycheck to pay house rent or electricity bills. If you feel that getting freelancing projects may take some time then you can find an alternative or an odd job in order to meet the expenses.

Don’t be under massive credit

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People tend to exhaust credit card while they are short on cash which serves the purpose as of now but eventually results in the massive credit crunch. If you are already under credit crunch then don’t wait to save a large amount and then repay the entire saving rather opt for smart EMI option which will help in the long run.

Plan your budget

It is important to plan your budget according to your freelance income so that you don’t feel burdened. It is important to make tweaks in the expenses and alter your lifestyle as it is possible you won’t get a fat paycheck initially.

Have a clear vision

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Where do you see yourself in next 5 or 10 years? This is the question you need to ask yourself in the beginning and all your efforts here after should revolve around that question. It is important to have a clear vision and be passionate about achieving it.

Lastly, it is advisable not to indulge in huge investments that might add to the burden. Be smart while choosing your freelancing career and flaunt your talent. Having a professional portfolio will help to brand yourself and set a benchmark. So while starting a freelancing career is attractive, it is important to know what’s lying ahead.

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