Working full time as a mother can be one of the hardest things a human has to deal with. Not only do you need to focus on your career but, you have to make sure that your child gets a healthy amount of attention and affection from you. Not only this but, your routine as a working mother becomes too exhausting to a point where you can’t perform well as a mother, wife or at the office.

Hence, if you think the office life is taking a toll on you and you are unable to manage it efficiently then you must consider freelancing.With the help of freelancing, you will be able to make money as a stay at home mother. You will have the freedom to complete your chores, take care of your kids and their needs, focus on yourself and earn money within the comfort of your house.

We have compiled different ways you can earn money as a stay at home mother. The only things you need to succeed is a functioning computer and internet and immense dedication and honesty with your work.

  1. Online tutoring:

There are multiple platforms where you can utilize your teaching skills through the internet. Tutoring is a very convenient job for you as a mother since you can earn a good amount of cash by just teaching a student for an hour or two. Place an ad or reply to the job postings and start helping students from the comfort of your home. For that purpose, you need to have a grip on the subject that you are going to teach.

Furthermore, you need to learn how to operate various VOIP platforms as you will need them. These platforms include Skype, FaceTime, and WhatsApp, etc. Research and look for subjects that are high in demand to improve yourself in that field and study it so that you can tutor your student efficiently. Then create your profile on various freelancing platforms and make sure to convey your rate, skills and unique services that you offer.

  1. Article or content writer – a best remote job for essay writers:

You can also work as a content, article or essay writer and earn a decent amount of cash by the end of the month. Do not be scared of the word limit. The number will startle you a bit but, as you immerse yourself into the essay, you will realize that you have fewer words and so much more to write. Look for the best remote jobs for online tutoring and apply for as many as you can because it is likely that some employers take longer to reply than others.

  1. Data entry clerk:

This is a rather simple but, a time-consuming job. However, the payout is good enough to support your personal needs. This job is recommended for mothers with a bit older kids as it can be a bit exhausting for a mother of toddlers. This job requires your attention as you cannot afford to enter the wrong data.

  1. Transcriber:

The job of a transcriber is to type up a script from an audio format file. It will require your time and complete concentration hence; this job will suit you if you have school going kids. The workload is unpredictable but, manageable.

  1. Proofreader or copy editor:

This job requires you to review a document and edit it after proofreading. You have to make sure that the document is readable, without any grammatical, spelling or factual errors.

Apart from these top 5 jobs, you can also look for multiple other jobs from which you can earn a decent amount of cash while being a stay at home mother.

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