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Christmas is not so far away, it is on the way. But what about you, have you done all your planning for Christmas decoration and celebration. Because Christmas is not just a holiday and not a regular festival. It’s Christmas which comes once in a year, it is Jesus Christ’s birthday. At Christmas not only should the Christmas tree look perfect but also home too. Christmas is all about happiness, new hopes, lots of joy, and never-ending love. So our home should also be ready to welcome Christmas and Santa Claus. For this, you don’t need to go buy flowers from local shop. You can use artificial flowers and you can order flowers online. Today, I will give lots of ideas about Christmas home d ecor. 

Use lots of sparkling light and 3D lights

As we all know, Christmas brings new hope and happiness. So how could our home look sad? While using light for decoration, be careful that light doesn’t overshadow the other decorative things. So it should be not so much. If you are using aroma candles, then don’t use many sparkling lights. Decorate the main gate of the home with sparkling lights and you can hang it on the walls. 

Use small Christmas tree

Small Christmas trees are easily available online and in the market. Use these small Christmas trees for decoration. Put these trees on the rec, center table, balcony, and other places. It will look fabulous. 

Star shape lights

As you all know, Christmas decorations can’t be complete without stars. So use stars shaped 3d lights for decoration. Hang these stars on the roof. You can use lots of glitters stars for decoration. Stick glitter stars on the wall, especially where you will keep the Christmas tree. It will look so beautiful. 

Cotton snow

As we all know, Christmas without snow is incomplete. But how can we bring snow inside the home? Don’t worry I have a solution. Use cotton to give the snowy look at home. You can make clouds from cotton. You know-how, by using 3d lights and covering it with cotton. It will look superb. 

Small Santa Claus soft toy and Santa Claus dress

How can we think of Christmas without Santa Claus? So our decoration can’t be possible without Santa Claus. Use Santa Claus cap for decoration, shocks, Santa bag, mustache, and of course mini Santa Claus soft toy. You can use these things for decoration. In fact, without this decoration it is incomplete. 

Bells and garland

Bell has a very important role in Christmas. So use it for decoration. You can hang it on the main entrance door. It will look so pretty. With the bell, you can use some garland also. Generally, people use artificial flower garland. But some people use real flower garland, and red rose bouquets. It will enhance the beauty of your home so much. Order a red rose bouquet online for delivery at your doorstep.

Small toys

You must have seen in the market, during Christmas lots of toys come in the market related to Christmas. Basically, it is for decoration. You can make it a small church also as your decoration theme. These toys are so creative and look so amazing. So definitely use it for decoration. 

Glitter balls 



Glitter golden, red and silver balls are widely used for Christmas decorations, from Christmas tree to home decor. Red glitter balls are my personal favorite. Glitterball, bells, small Christmas tree, mini Santa Claus, and Santa Claus clothes give the Christmas feel. Glitterball will add a mesmerizing effect in your home. So don’t forget to buy Christmas decorations. And glitter ball Christmas tree decoration can’t be complete. 

Aroma candle in glass lamp

As we all know, the importance of a candle at Christmas. People use a candle during prayer, especially when they go to Church for prayer and they blow candles. And aroma candles always add a magical effect, that’s why people love to add it in decoration. But this time don’t blow the only aroma candles. This kind of unique and different designs of glass lamps are available in the market. So blow aroma candles in it. It will look just magical, your guest will definitely compliment you for this. If you don’t want to spend money on glass lamps. You can use your regular cooldrink or juice glass. 

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