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It is the end of summer and it has ushered in the beginning of winter with cold weather conditions. But this shouldn’t stop you from having fun in the company of your friends outdoors. For some, winter is the best time of the year for them. So they can’t wait to catch all the fun that only comes with winter. Activities like snow hiking and building a snowman or throwing snowballs are great winter activities that help us feel young and hearty again.

You can very well decide to have a party like every other time of the year regardless of the weather conditions. Outdoors are great places and we’ve prepared some great tips for you to host an outdoor party in winter to help keep you warm as you have fun.

How to keep your guest warm;

The first thing you should be concerned about hosting an incredible winter outdoor party is keeping your guest warm. A fire pit or a chiminea can be used to keep your guests warm and cheerful. Or with available outdoor cheap decking space, you can keep your guest warm by setting up a bonfire.

The landscape in winter is breathtaking and it’s a sight you would love to enjoy while staying warm by setting a bonfire, while the snow gives you a perfect scenario.

You should prepare this bonfire before their arrival so that they would meet a warm and inviting atmosphere. The bonfire should be the focal point of your party. You should set chairs around it enough to accommodate the number of persons at the party. You can create an enjoyable moment by bringing marshmallows. Ensure you have enough firewood set aside so you don’t run out of it when the party is not ended. And make sure you monitor kids if they are present to avoid fire accidents.

Decorating your party venue;

Creating a warming atmosphere by lightening up the place. Set up paper-type lamps via tree-branches or something else which might be able to hold the weight. Another way to lighten your party is to fill up buckets with candles well lighted in there. The light will give off the warming effect and create a cozy atmosphere.

The type of food to serve at your party;

Ideally, you would want everything you wish to serve from food to drinks to be hot, or at least contain warming spices, and easy to prepare. You should consider hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks and some rum. You should serve hot drinks to keep them warm before the arrival of the main course by making hot chocolate inside the house and serve your guests outdoors camped around the bonfire.

The fire that was a challenge during the summer will be beneficial to you now by keeping you warm as you navigate in and out of the house to entertain your guests. Fondues and a little bit of choco-cheese will do wonder when served during an outdoor party like this. While delicious snacks offer a bunch of refreshing warmness.  It is recommended you try using marshmallows or hot-dogs as these two great for parties. You can decide to set up a grill over the fire and warm a pot of hearty soup. Make it special with your food entertainment and surprise them by bringing the food out one-by-one.

Fun things to ensure your guests have a great time;

Make your party fun-filled by playing games. Divide yourselves into teams and throw snowballs at each other. You could also build a snowman or ride the ice. Or even take turns to tell stories. This will give you a feel of camping even and make it more thrilling. If you play an instrument, now it will be a good time to entertain your guest seated around the bonfire.

Have fun and remember that a great party is one, in which you keep your guests fully entertained and fed of course.

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