Gynaecologists tend to be mentioned in jokes and comedy routines more often than they are spoken about in real life. For some reason, probably because they deal with female private parts for the bulk of the day, and because female private parts are not the topic for your average conversation, the work of the gynaecologist stays unspoken about. Despite this the work of the gynaecologist is very important, and in many cases, it can be life-saving. So, with that in mind, here are a few key tips or thoughts to help you find the right gynaecologist for you.

Find a local solution

Because most women don’t love going to the gynaecologist they love to find excuses not to book an appointment. So, having an excuse that your gynaecologist is too far away or a long drive across town is quite a good way to avoid going as often as you should. Fortunately, when it comes to gynaecologists Melbourne has plenty to choose from. And, all the other major cities in Australia, so the excuse that you preferred doctor is too far away to visit regularly really shouldn’t be allowed.

Think gender

For every woman who feel uncomfortable having a man look at her nether regions, there are as many women who feel awkward having another female examine them. So, think carefully about what works best for you and then seek out the appropriate person. Remember that regular check-ups are purely clinical, there is nothing sexual about it. So, your choice of male or female is not about sexual preference in any way, it is simply about comfort levels.

Look for touch points

It is always great to find medical practitioners that you can identify with. In short, a good bedside manner is important for doctors, but if you have touch points or areas of commonality that can help make the appointment a little more conversational and a little less transactional, then you are on to a winning thing.  You probably don’t want your gynaecologist to be somebody that you hang out with socially on a regular basis, but, if in asking around, you discover that you both share a love for running, or for theatre or whatever it is, then at least you have a starting point for a conversation.

Know what needs doing

Regular visits to the gynaecologist are very important, especially as you go through key milestone changes. At puberty, at menopause and when you start to become sexually active. These are all important times to make an appointment to visit the gynae. But the gynaecologist is also about early detection of disease like cancer and about prevention. As such regular visits are required – at least once every two years. Not only does this mean that potential issues can be caught early, it also means that you have a rapport and a history with a doctor. Having a history with a doctor is very important as it helps with making a diagnosis and plotting out treatments or solutions to problems. It is hard for a doctor to do this is they lack a historical perspective.  

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