Couples that holiday together, stay together. Indeed, there can be nothing as restorative and invigorating to a relationship as a holiday. However, if your relationship is relatively new and you don’t quite know each other 100% yet then taking that first holiday together can be a daunting prospect. So, for those couples that might be considering booking their first getaway with one another, we’ve compiled the top considerations you might want to make before taking that first step and booking your first vacation as a couple.

Keeping it close

The first holiday doesn’t need to be a fortnight in the Caribbean. In fact, this would probably be a misstep, as if you found out you were incompatible after a few nights then you’d have over a week of misery to endure before coming home. For the first holiday, keep it simple, short and domestic. The UK is full of exceptional potential  vacation destinations, particularly on the coast. You can also save money by taking the train and purchasing a web duo ticket to save on the return cost for both of you. If you really want to leave the country, meanwhile, keep it European – a city break to Amsterdam or Paris perhaps?


Because the relationship is new, dynamics are still being formed and one of the big relationship dynamics is always going to be money and spending. Be frank and open about what you can afford and how much you’re willing to spend. Because if you end ups on an expensive vacation that is beyond your means you are only going to end up resenting your partner.

Discussing it

Don’t just decide where you’re going and break it to your partner. Open up a dialogue with them and make sure it’s a vacation destination you are both enthused by, otherwise it could lead to some unwanted arguments. And remember, this relationship is still new, so just because they are happy to go along with your idea, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are. They just might not be comfortable enough with you yet to tell you they disagree. Planning the trip together will also hopefully bring you closer together.

The dry run

If you have never spent more than an evening with each other then you might want to experiment by having a ‘dry run’ weekend together. Starting a new relationship often means settling into a new routine and this person is going to be (perhaps) a big part of that routine. So, try spending a whole weekend together just going for some hikes, exploring cities close to your home and trying to figure out whether or not you are compatible travelling partners.

Packing it in

Finally (and perhaps most importantly) don’t overpack! You don’t need to take every outfit you own and the lighter your load, the more relaxed and open you are both likely to be!

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