If you are thinking of giving your garden an exotic look, consider adding some of the most common garden items like Gazebo huts, jungle canopy, artificial flowers, etc. Ask your friends to come and chill in your garden rather than going out and spending a large share of your pocket at a bar.

Listed below are some of the important things to consider to give your garden an exotic look :

  • Install a Gazebo

Choose from a variety of size and shapes and install a gazebo right in the middle of the garden. A gazebo hut is a perfect place to call your friends for a cup of tea. An octagon shaped gazebo with flat roof design under 2.5m height is one of the most popular choices of a garden gazebo.

Why install a gazebo in your garden?

  1. Extremely presentable.
  2. Perfect place to rest.
  3. Shaded place.   
  • Make the best use of Ropes & Nets.

One of the best garden add-ons is hammocks. Contact a trusted supplier of ropes and cords like, Lion Trading, and rest assured of the quality of ropes. Customize the hammock with different colored ropes and accessories and enjoy reading in the comfort of a sunken hammock.

Benefits of hammocks in a garden :

  1. Easy to sleep
  2. Reduces Stress
  3. Relaxed muscle position
  4. A good place to read books

A hammock is just a perfect place to lie down and relax with a decent book in hand and cool breeze around.

  • Pack your garden with your favorite flowers on the sideline

Flower plantation is an important aspect of a well-maintained garden at home. If you are a nature lover, pack your garden with some of your favorite flowers on the sideline of the garden. Some of the most commonly used garden add-ons are fake grass and turfs. With some of the best quality artificial grass and turf surfaces, you can give your garden an exotic look. It is always advised to plant flowers for an enhanced garden look.

  • Create a Jungle Canopy Top

You can also create a jungle canopy in the garden. Convert the garden according to your mood with portable canopy tops. Whether you want a small BBQ party or a friend get together just add a few chairs and table under the canopy top, and you are ready with the party.

Top Benefits of canopy tops in a garden  :

  1. Saves from strong wind and heat
  2. Perfect place to rest
  3. Portable and replaceable
  4. Low Maintenance Cost

Add a few seats together, some bean bags around the corner and have a good time in the garden with your friends.

  • Install water fountains and sprinklers

Water fountains and sprinklers add to the beauty of a garden. Choose an artificial water fountain suiting your garden theme, whether modern or contemporary. For an artificial garden, consider installing a polished sea creature fountain and give your garden a unique look.

Also, save a lot of water through a rainwater harvesting, redirecting the water towards the pool and help save the environment.

Types of water fountains that can be set up in a garden  :

  1. Wall fountain
  2. Self-contained fountain
  3. Tiered Fountain
  4. Disappearing Fountain  

These are some of the important garden add-ons that will help keep your garden look both unique and appealing. Garden is a perfect place for a morning tea, and therefore, decorating it with some of the best garden add-ons is a must. Give your garden the best look with octagonal gazebos, water fountains, sprinklers, hammocks and much more. With a professional architect and designer at your service rest assured of a well-maintained garden on your property.

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