Are you trying to learn how to get rid of medical debt? If yes, you should click here to learn about some things you can do.

Did you know that 137 Americans struggle with medical debt? If you are part of this statistic and are trying to figure out how to get rid of your own medical debt, we are here to help. We are going to share three tips on how to get rid of medical debt.

Keep reading to learn more and start applying our tips right away.

  1. Medical Bill Advocate

If your bills came from an extended hospital stay or an intensive procedure that you had no choice but to get done you can hire a medical bill advocate to help negotiate the bills for you. Medical bill advocates are experts in medical billing and know how to read health care bills and understand what the common costs are for procedures. 

They can spot any instances where you are overcharged and help you by getting it reduced. Please do your research and ask about their fees upfront. The point is to make sure that the fees they charge will make sense when compared to the money they will save you.

You can also have a debt consolidation program negotiate on your behalf. You can read more here and see which option is best for your circumstances.

  1. Negotiate

If you are tight on cash and do not have the funds to hire an advocate, you can negotiate yourself. If your debts are already with debt collectors there are many that will negotiate because they more than likely bought that debt for pennies on the dollar. If you have the patience and willingness to negotiate with them, it is completely worth a shot. 

You can also negotiate with them to remove it from your credit history. Make sure that whatever you negotiate you get in writing before you give them any money. This will ensure that if there are discrepancies with the credit bureaus in the future you have your proof in writing. 

  1. Payment Plan

There are many medical providers that will work out a payment plan if you can’t afford to pay everything upfront. The best way to get an affordable payment plan is, to be honest with them on what you can afford. Giving yourself a set amount to pay every month or week will make things easier for you and will be better than paying $0 towards your medical debt and letting it sit there until it goes into collections. 

Typically with a payment plan, a doctor won’t charge you any interest or extra fees, but to be safe make sure that you ask about any fees upfront to avoid any surprises. 

Now You Know How to Get Rid of Medical Debt

Now that you know how to get rid of medical debt it is time to get to work. There is no reason to stress out about medical bills for the rest of your life. We understand that sometimes medical debt comes from circumstances that are not under your control and not from irresponsible spending. 

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