Spotify is a popular platform that allows users to create a playlist and share it with other users. By gaining more followers on Spotify, you can reach a wider audience, and hopefully increase the popularity of your career.

Many playlist makers are interested in getting more followers but to do this they should follow simple rules. If you follow these recommendations, you can get more subscribers without huge money investments.

Best ways to get more followers on Spotify

There are no miracles – subscribers will not come on their own. But if you make some adjustments and apply the following rules, you can attract more attention from potential followers:

  1. Listen to the music you add to a playlist. This recommendation may seem strange, but many Spotify users have already noticed that the platform tends to promote playlists with more engagement. This happens because of the algorithm that recognizes that songs are being listened to.
  2. Review the list several times before uploading. This recommendation may seem obvious but any user must upload the best songs. You create a playlist not only for yourself but for other listeners. And upload only high-quality tracks – that is the golden rule.
  3. Specialize in one genre. This advice could be a little confusing (it contradicts the previous rule) but one should create a playlist not only for the listeners. You should like what you upload as well. Find a niche that suits your character and don’t forget about trends. Find a balance and upload the best songs that give you chills.
  4. Make your playlist. You should like the music that you are uploading. If you are a fan of a specific genre, you will gradually become a professional in a particular niche. You will know everything about new tracks and songs. Your playlists will become relevant and engaging.
  5. What about the size? You should not worry about the quantity of the tracks. Followers won’t be bothered – they will just choose what they like. Some Spotify accounts have playlists with thousands of songs and tracks and it was one of the main reasons why they got so many followers.
  6. Always look for great songs. Do not forget to refresh your playlist with new and relevant songs that you like. Add some old tracks from such legendary singers as Prince, Michael Jackson, or U2. For example, Hotel California is still loved by a horde of fans.
  7. Put the best songs to the top of the list. This simple yet effective strategy will attract more followers. Every new member will click on the first song and if he likes it, he will surely continue. If the first 5 tracks will be at least «OK», the chances of getting a new follower will be extremely high.
  8. Keywords. This will help your potential followers to find your playlist. Avoid using general tags like «Best summer hits». At least mention the genre. Some of the people who are best at getting followers on Spotify, understand that people searching for new music to listen to, tend to use keywords that are popular in that genre.
  9. Buy real Spotify followers. The more followers you have, the higher the chances that you will attract more admirers. That is why new Spotify users just buy followers.

Bonus tip: Apply for an Spotify for Artists profile

It’s no secret that the streaming giants like Spotify have a tremendous power over the creative artists that populate that platforms. They are ultimately the ones that are able to promote certain artists, and ignore others. They also have a lot of knowledge based on Spotify follower trends, and engagement levels that they can measure and act on.

For those people who have access to “Spotify for Artists,” there is a chance of an increased level of success if you are lucky enough to be selected for the official playlists that Spotify curate.

You might need to contact your Spotify representive, your manager, agent or other tech savvy contact person to help set up the initial process, but the rewards can be well worth the initial hassle of setting up the profile and getting ready.

gain followers on spotify with a "spotify for artists" profile

How To Get Your Music Heard On Spotify

Getting heard in your domain is the main thing which will attract the people, let your music collect many plays on Spotify, and get you the goal which you are looking forward to.

Be it any field, blogging, YouTube, Social media marketing or even the job of an influencing. If you are new to the field then getting noticed is the most difficult job and amazing one too.

Difficult because if you are new to the field, then acquiring followers to get more plays will always be a difficult task no matter if it is Spotify or any other social media. And an amazing one, because you will get to learn a lot of things. It will help you in polishing your skills, and you will get to know about a lot of other things too.

Similarly, even in the music industry you will need some time and effort, in order to get heard, to make your music get played by many in other words. The music industry is vast and it is full of talented artists, directors, producers working daily to see people buying their music, and it’s all about business. But not everyone here has the skills to shine, and this is where you can move ahead from them.

First of all, your job will not be to get noticed on some big platforms such as Spotify or SoundCloud. Your job will be to simply get noticed. Start with finding a platform which is huge and which can provide you a nice exposure. And that’s where it gets important that you move out to some of the best streaming platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud and the rest biggest ones.

Let’s analyze the situation closely.

Spotify and its wonders

Spotify is a huge platform to showcase your skills. And therefore, without wasting time you should move over to it and publish your work there to start driving plays on your songs.

Right now there are millions of overall users on Spotify, and more than that, it even has the highest number of paid subscribers. Doesn’t it seem a perfect audience able to buy your music? In all directions, be it the user interface, user base and number of users, it leads the way and it leaves all the big names behind. Therefore, it will be the right choice for you.

Now for getting noticed over it and to start achieving your first 1000 plays on Spotify you will need to follow some steps.  Those steps include moving out to social media platforms, and creating a fan base.

Social media marketing.

If you are on a platform such as Instagram, then you can get features of creating business accounts, etc. Business accounts further allow you to post sponsored ads and reach out to people who have shown interest in music and that too your genre. Psst. Here you’re just one step from watching your songs on Spotify played by your Insta-visitors.

Well that’s quite amazing, isn’t it? It actually is.

You will just have to sign up for that business profile, and after whatever you do on your handle, be it posting photos, videos, IGTV videos, etc., you will get the proper analytics as well as insights. You will actually get to know the engagement of the public, and it can help you collecting reviews of your work.

If you have your Spotify profile linked with your accounts, then they won’t hesitate in reaching out to your tracks and listening to them!

And with social media platforms, you get another advantage of reaching out to your fans directly. Now uploading stories, going live, etc., are the options which most of the popular social media websites are providing. Therefore, you can use them wisely. Follow this instruction and try using Instagram, Facebook and YouTube this way to start getting more Spotify plays. Don’t forget to create a commercial for your song or an album, then to buy some ad rotation, to try different settings, and watch the result showing up!

Buy A Boost From Time To Time

It seems it’s a bad tone to talk about paid boosts, and no one considers buying plays, followers or likes on Spotify a good idea in public. But there is a secret that everybody has.

Since the competition on all the online platforms is awfully great, people are using any possible way to stand out from the crowd and to put their music into a better place. Mostly all the artists buy Spotify plays to score a bigger number of organic plays. But nobody will confess in it, that’s for record company agreements.

Buying plays to push your song on Spotify forward is really not enough. It would be more effective to contact marketing professionals for a complex promotional solution along with buying Spotify plays by portions to see an permanent improve on your account’s weight and rankings.

Listen to your fans on Spotify

It might seem counter intuitive. After all you are reading this post to get people to listen to you. Not the other way around. But if you want to be heard, then wouldn’t it be very important to hear the fans first? Not their music, but their opinions.

Their wishes and dreams for the music business, genres and general mood can be great in guiding your inspiration. Both creators and consumers generally want to level with each other, and you will already know that fans do have a lot of desires regarding songs, etc. Therefore you must fulfill their desires in order to get their support.

Embrace your fanbase with open arms

If you go to meet a veteran of your industry, then do not forget to post a photo with him, as it will touch the heart of your fans as well as his fans. And that’s how you will even get new fans, and your base would increase.

These are some of the methods in which you can get heard on Spotify. Try it out!

We hope that these simple rules will help you to get more followers!

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