Customer reviews can truly make or break your business. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business or how impressive your product or service is.

Recent insights show that Google reviews are not only essential but becoming increasingly more important to any business. According to the Spiegel Research Center, about 95% of consumers will now check online reviews before making a purchase.

Making them a priority can make a considerable difference. If you are wondering how to get online reviews, keep reading this business guide to discover how to get Google reviews and start seeing the difference today.

Make It Effortless for Them

One of the easiest ways of getting Google reviews is making it so easy for the consumer they feel compelled to do it. This can be done by simply creating a landing page that shows how outstanding your business is and how much customers love it.

A landing page is a website specifically designed to intrigue the users to complete a task – in this case, leave you a positive review. On this page, you will display your reviews so far, let them know how easy it is to leave one, and thank them for completing the task.

By utilizing a call to action (CTA), you can directly lead the consumer to the created review link. To make it even easier – customize the actual link to shorten it, making it seem more credible.

Engage With Reviewers

This is one of the most critical aspects of gaining additional positive reviews. Getting reviews is easy, but if you are wondering how to get quality reviews – this is the first step.

With 78 percent of consumers reporting they trust Google reviews just as much as a recommendation from someone they trust, giving reviewers a response can help visitors decipher which reviews are worth taking note of.

Google review management is a critical part of growing your business. If you are wondering how to use Google for your business, it’s as simple as logging into your businesses Google account, and going to the reviews page, you can respond directly.

It’s important to respond to all reviews, not just positive or negative. Responding to everyone will encourage others to leave their positive experiences while also creating a community of followers.

Follow Up Emails

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, emails are still extremely important in the consumer experience. According to previous research, up to 80% of reviews may come from companies follow up emails.

Sending follow up emails can give consumers a friendly reminder to share their experiences and let others know what they think of your business. Including a custom link in follow up emails can make a significant difference in your response rate as well.

Interested in Learning More Methods to Get Google Reviews?

Reviews are becoming more and more significant for businesses to gain an advantage over the competition. While it is important to get Google reviews, making the consumer a priority and giving them the best experience possible will give them a reason to.

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