When the laptop you are using is not connecting to WiFi, it minimizes the ways you can use to utilize the internet. The method of getting online is very convenient, but still, you need to consider many things that won’t go in the right way when you are using WiFi.

The issues mentioned above can make your connection disrupted slow, and in some cases, your computer does not connect to the WiFi. Here is the solution to all the problems by following the below-mentioned steps you will be able to fix the problem.

Different ways of fixing a laptop that is not connecting to the WiFi

Fix 1: Troubleshoot

Troubleshooting is an automatic tool that is present in the entire windows computer. Troubleshoot enable you to diagnosis any computer problem that you are experiencing. There is a way of using this tool:

1: The WiFi must turn on

First, all you need to do is to press the wireless key on the keyboard make sure that the light of wireless access must turn from red to white.

You can easily find the wireless key on your keyboard. The wireless access is mostly on the F keys or the key labeled with the WiFi icon.

If your laptop or computer is not showing any wireless key, then there must be a wireless button.

When you turned on the WiFi, try to connect your laptop to the wireless network connection. If the computer is connected to the network, your problem is solved. Still, if you are not able to find the wireless key or in case the wireless activity light is not turning on then you must read this article it will provide a complete solution to all your problems.

2: First click on the start and in the search field type troubleshooting

3: Double click on the Troubleshooting

4: In the fourth step first you click on the network and internet and then the internet connection

5: In the fifth step click Advanced

6: Click on the run as Administrator

7: Clicks on troubleshoot after that click on my link to the internet and then click on the next. After doing all the process, follow all the instruction given on the screen carefully.

8: Wait for the troubleshooting to complete its process.

Troubleshoot will diagnose your problem read the result of troubleshooting.

9: Most probably, troubleshoot will find out the problem and provide the complete information on what to do to fix the problem. Perform all the actions suggested by the troubleshooting and try to reconnect to the wireless network connection.

Perform all the actions very carefully suggested by the troubleshooting and try to make the connection. If the problem is still there close the window and move towards the next step.

Moreover, if the troubleshooting does not detect any problem, and still, you are not able to connect your laptop to the wireless network close the window and move towards the next step.

Fix 2: Check and Reset Your Hardware

Sometimes your problem can get resolved by resetting your laptop and other hardware associated with it. It is possible that by doing such small things, your problem can solve.

Here is how to do it:

You have to shut down your laptop by simply clicking on start. Then you have to click on shut down. By doing so, your computer will shut down.

After this unplug your laptop, wireless router and wireless modem.

After unplugging yours have to wait for some time. Approximately 10 to 30 seconds, then you can plug everything back for further process.

When you restart your laptop check that your problem is fixed or not, and the laptop is connecting to WiFi. If your issue doesn’t resolve, and no other devices are connecting to the wifi networks. You can contact your Internet Service Provider so, they can assist you.

Fix 3: Reinstall The Wireless Network Adapter Driver

Your laptop can access the internet over WiFi to do so, and you have to reinstall the network driver it will rest all existing wireless configurations and will help to clear the registry. By following the few steps, you can reinstall your wireless network adapter driver.

For the further process, before installing the driver, you will have to use Windows Device Manager to uninstall the wireless Adapter first.

After clicking start, you have to search the device Manager in the search box.

To open the Device Manager, double click on it.

Then, click on the option of Network Adapters.

You may have single or several adapters. If there are several adapters, a drop-down will appear containing the list of all. You have to uninstall the WiFi Adapter by right-clicking on it.

A confirmation will pop up on the screen. Click OK. When the installation completes clicking again on Network Adapters to make sure the wireless Adapter is no longer in the list.

Click on Action tab at the top between the File and View tabs in the Device Manager window. From the drop-down, select scan for the hardware changes.

Once again, you can see the name when the computer reinstalls the WiFi adapter.

After following all the steps, restart your laptop and make sure to close all windows.

After restarting your laptop, try to reconnect to your WiFi. If that doesn’t solve your problem, there are more ways. Continue reading to find out.

Fix 4: update the wireless network drivers 

At times you need the latest driver that work efficiently for your wireless Adapter.

The driver works perfectly when the connection continuously is being interrupted and is very slow. Here are some tips that will enable you to update your drivers.

It is very vital to know the make and model of your laptop and computer before downloading any drive. The official websites of your computer and laptop companies provide the best latest version of drivers. Visit the official website to get the best and up to date version of the driver for your computer. If you are visiting any other sites to download the driver, the chances of installing and downloading malicious software are very high.

Remember the point that the official websites provide you with the authentic version of drives.

In case the maker of your laptop does not provide the updates for the WiFi hardware. Here are some other ways to get the hardware online.

1: click on the start button and then in the search field type

2: on the device, manager double click to select it

3:on the network adapters double click and then from the list find out the name of your wireless Adapter

4: click on the wireless Adapter and then select the properties

5: on the window driver tab will appear to click on that.

6: you need to focus on the details of driver provider and driver data. Copy the date of driver provider and driver data or write it down.

7: connect your laptop to the internet by using a different method or different device after that search the driver provider website.

8: search for an updated version of the driver on the provider website. The release data will later use as your Driver Data.

9: in case the driver website does not provide any updated version or the driver does not have any website then come back to the window of adapter properties.

10: select the details tab.

11: From the property, list selects the Hardware IDs.

12: on the first ID right-click and select the copy.

13: on the search engine paste the ID and find the website that has the driver.

14: Follow all the above instruction to install the driver on your laptop. Make sure that only from the authentic website download the software.

15: when the driver is updated restart your laptop and then try to connect it to your available WiFi network. If the problem is still there and the computer is not connecting to the wifi, then you need to take professional help.

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