Whether you are hosting a corporate event, large family get together, a gig, a wedding or any other type of event where you need to communicate with the audience, finding the right sound system is critical. The enjoyment of any type of event could be marred by sound services that don’t effectively fit with the venue you’ve chosen, or the number of attendees, so here, we’ve provided some guidance on what considerations you may have to make when looking for the best speakers for hire for your specific event.

What Event Are You Holding?

If you’re hosting a speaking event, then it’s likely you’ll need as much clarity as possible through your speakers. Whether it’s a training event, awards ceremony, product launch or another type of speaking function, missing what’s being said could have a detrimental effect on the success of your event. Not only do you have to think about using the right microphones for such an event, the speakers should work well with the microphones to provide a clear output that means your audience are able to hear every syllable of every word. 

If it’s a party, disco, or music event you’re considering hosting, then the speakers need to effectively play the music as the artists wants the audience to hear it, loud enough so that it can be heard but without distorting the sound. If DJ equipment is being used, it could be wise to ensure that the speakers you’re hiring work well with that equipment to provide good sound. You may need to consult with specialist sound engineers to get some advice on which speakers work best with which systems. 

What Venue Have You Hired?

There would be absolutely no point in choosing the speakers that have the loudest output if you are hosting an event in a small village hall. If you’re hosting an event outside, however, you may well need that power. Your speakers need to work well with the acoustics of a space to provide the right volume for your event. Again, consulting specialist speak hire companies could be a wise idea, as they would have experience in which of the products they offer work best in which spaces. 

What’s Your Budget?

Whether you’re on a restricted budget or money is no object when it comes to how much you’re looking to pay for your speaker hire, you don’t necessarily want to go for the cheapest option if it doesn’t provide the sound you need for your event. It would be far better to squeeze the budget just a little tighter to improve the clarity of sound at your event, rather than going for the cheapest option perhaps risking your audience not being able to hear properly. Getting the right sound system for your event is critical for success, and poor quality sound could lead to poor attendance for future functions, or even requests for reimbursement, which means that the savings you might make on speaker hire could cost you dearly in the long-run. 

What’s Important to You

Whether you have prior experience of planning events or not, you may have attended a few events that have impressed or disappointed you. Whether you’ve been to a great gig where the sound was perfectly clear and created a great atmosphere, or you’ve attended an outdoor event where you had to strain to hear announcements over the loudspeakers, think about what was good/bad about those events in terms of the sound and apply those things to your decision about what speaker hire to go for. 

Taking all of the above into consideration when planning your event could ensure that you get the most cost-effective speaker hire for your needs, without compromising on quality. 

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