Have you ever seen those awesome RC cars drift during races or when outside? It’s so cool and just like me, you probably want to do the same and show off your drifting skills to the world! But it actually isn’t the easiest thing one can do, as it takes skill and concentration for you to successfully drift a car

Don’t worry though, you can get it in no time as long as you keep practicing and know what to do! So read on as I show you how to drift your RC car for beginners for you to race and drift successfully!

Here are the different factors to learn about when you want to learn how to drift your RC car

Rules and Terms about Drifting

For starters, you have to learn about the rules and terms when drifting, which are set by professional drifting organizations. It’s best to study their guidelines so you’re able to master the drift without breaking any rules. The criteria for judgment are based on the following factors:

Line: Identified through clipping zones that the brides come close to when drifting

Angle: Monitor any excessive steeping or under steering, as well as smooth transitions

Speed: Speed traps which measure the curve to the first corner. Judges would use their eyes to win monitoring speed throughout the course.

Set Your RC Car Settings

There are two types of settings when drifting, which is 50:50 and 30:70. These are power ratio settings, or basically, the amount of power delivered to both front and rear tires.

50:50 racing is suitable for beginners, well-balanced drift cars which spin into drifts quickly without the complications. The wheels spin at same speeds throughout the entire car.

30:70 racing has a more realistic effect as you drift the RC car. Most of the power goes to the rear wheels, which change how you drive your car since all the power from the rear results in the rear tires trying to get ahead the front.

Initiate Your Drift

The first step to learn is how to actually start a drift. Take note that you want full control of your car the entire time, and not just because it was by chance.

Practice on large open areas, drawing a curved line on your ground, with enough length for you to reach maximum speed and the curve enough for you to make a tight turn before the RC cargoes to you again. This will be your guide to have better angles as you drift.

  • To initiate your drift, accelerate the RC car until it hits the highest sped it can, running outside of the line you drew.
  • Once you approach your curve, prepare to put on the brakes to avoid overshooting the mark. Do NOT make a complete stop, but let the RC car’s momentum complete the drift and curve smoothly.
  • Countersteer to the left and let the RC car glide along your curve.
  • When the car reaches the apex of your curve, accelerate the car until it reaches the opposite end and does a similar counter steer until it straightens out and goes back to you.

Drift Around the Corner

Once you’ve mastered initiating a drift, it’s time to learn how to drift around corners. Follow these steps:

  • Following the similar steps of initiating a drift, go to the curve at the highest speed and when you turn the corner, counter steer the RC car to the left, forcing the car’s hood inwards
  • Right before reaching the apex, countersteer again, making the car’s tail swing out at an extreme angle, turning the car around in 180 degrees. The car should be facing the top of a said curve when sliding sideways, completing its corner.
  • When clearing the corner, go back to the starting point, with the steering wheel in neutral positioning.

Do a High-Performance Drift

This is an advanced technique you can master after perfecting the first two drifts.

  • Follow the same steps as initiating a drift, then before hitting the curve, apply the brakes, allowing your car’s tail to slide out. Countersteer for the car’s front to stay facing the line.
  • Countersteer the car again, correcting the position at the curve’s apex, then revert to neutral positioning as you head back to the start

Wrapping It Up

When you want to drift and race your car well, it isn’t just about having the good RC drift cars. You also need skill and precision, which takes a lot of practice. It may seem like a tedious task, but when you continue practicing, you’ll get a hang of it and drift like a pro!

Hopefully, this article on how to drift your RC car for beginners helped you out! So if you want to begin drifting with your RC car, then start following these steps now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences with drifting an RC car, then comment below. Your thoughts and tips are much appreciated.

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