Be it a birthday, anniversary or any big and small occasion, it is incomplete without a cake. We all know that but the point is what type of and how to make the right choice. With so many different types of round, rectangle, hexagon and even square birthday cakes, anniversary cakes and Valentine cake that have come up in the market, it is pretty obvious for you to get confused. Some come at the right price while some are quite costly even to pay for the same. Here are some things that you need to know about the cake especially if you are not planning to buy but make one at home.

Decorating The Cake In The Right Manner:

When you look for a recipe, you, of course, must have seen the decoration part. However, to get the cake baked just the way experts do, decorations play a very important role. That is why instead are some of the best tips and ideas that you need to know. Understand that decorating a cake for the beginner baker is very important to follow. Here is some of the scope and things that you need to know

Be Ready With The Right Tools:

To bake a cake and then to decorate the same, you need different types of tools. It is important to use these tools so that the results that you have been expecting are in your hand in the right manner. You may need:

  • Bread Knife Or Say Serrated Cake Knife: It is used to make the layers splitting done in the right manner
  • Rotating Cake Turntable: It is not that important but for better taste, you can use this option
  • Pastry Bag: Such type of bag comes with a Ziploc which you may need for better finishing
  • Offset Palette Knife: This is required for frosting without even using your fingers on the same
  • Scarper For Cake: It is used for frosting smoothness to be maintained along with patterns and markings that are decorative

Steps That You Must Follow:

Whether it is your square birthday cakes or the red heart cake that you are planning to decorate, here are some important steps that you need to follow:

  • The Cake Needs To Be Frozen

To decorate a cake if not done in the right manner can be tedious work. That is why it is always important that you bake the cake first and then freeze the same. Freezing is important so that when you decorate it, the layers can set well without any problem.

It is believed that if you bake the cake well in advance and then freeze it well, there are two nice things happen. Firstly, it is the frosting process that becomes a lot easier; secondly, it is your frozen cake that doesn’t crumble down often. The more frozen it is, the better crumbing oat you get. Besides, it is also better for leveling the cakes if you freeze them all. Do not worry about the freshness as in the freezer; it stays fresh for a week. If you want you can also make buttercream well in advance then store within the fridge

  • Use Of A Turntable:

This is another important thing to be added when decorating your square birthday cakes. It is a cake turntable that works more like a rotating platter. You can use it for turning the cake as you level and first the same. By turning the cake instead of walking around it will make the whole process of the cake a lot easier. If you split it which also is said toting, it would make your cake a lot more challenging task. But once you are ready for that, maybe it is time for you to choose a turntable.

  • Cake Leveling:

To level up the cake is a lot more important since the top of the layer needs to be flat. Otherwise, it can wobble or even lean when you stack it. You can make use of the serrated cake knives or the bread knife which can just work fine. Cake leveling means, you must make the dime like top flat enough

Other than this, frosts the cake, then smooth the frosting and then you can put some decorative flowers on it. Your decoration of the cake is all set to be clicked in cameras.

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