As an advanced, durable consumer good used for water entertainment, yacht integrates navigation, sports, entertainment, and other functions together. The yacht is considered “an apartment on the sea” with a range of amenities for daily living.  Some even have karaoke for leisure. 

While we continue to explore more ways to have fun on the yacht, yacht toys came into being such as yacht water slide and rock climbing wall. Among these interesting facilities, the inflatable slide is the most common and also the most popular one. As a result, we would like to provide some information about it. 

It has become a popular trend to add a slide to the yacht. If you want to play in the water, but don’t want to get too far away from the yacht, an inflatable slide is your best assistant.  

First of all, a yacht water slide is an amusing way to get into the water. It allows you to slide from the yacht deck into the sea in the most comfortable position and offer you the experience like a small amusement park. After all, yachting is agreeable and relaxing, and such facilities can enhance the joyful atmosphere.

In addition, it will be more convenient for you to storage the inflatable yacht slide. Many people believe that the yacht water slide is heavy and difficult to handle because it is a large facility. Unlike those traditional slides, inflatable yacht slides solve the problem, significantly improving the practicality. Even the large inflatable water slide doesn’t require a lot of people to arrange together. 

What’s more, the reliability and durability of the inflatable yacht slide are remarkable. Generally speaking, most of the slides now are made of PVC. After treated with unique technology, PVC can prevent mildew caused by water accumulation to a large extent. In this way, the slide is less likely to be damaged so it can stay with you long enough. 

With the benefits mentioned above, a yacht water slide is able to provide an enjoyable experience with no doubt. However, it doesn’t mean that any slide can meet your needs. There are various types of yacht water slides because yachts vary in size, and everyone’s expectations of entertainment are different. 

Actually, there is no need to confuse about the size. You can directly choose a small, medium, or large slide based on the yacht size. Some inflatable yacht slides can be adjusted in length to cooperate better with the yacht. If you are not sure about the size, instead of a giant inflatable water slide, an adjustable slide is a more appropriate option worth considering. 

Moreover, aiming to improve stability, some slides are equipped with inflatable legs to support them. If your yacht has a relatively high altitude, you can take this type into consideration. The support leg can also play a role to assist in unrolling the slide. 

Furthermore, there are also numerous fancy designs in shape. Some yacht water slides are suitable for the braver because the designer raises the slide’s angle to add a sense of excitement. Unquestionably, some rotary design strengthens the interest. If you prefer this kind of funny design, then the rotary type might be your favorite. 

If you still have questions about selecting your inflatable yacht slide, you can contact the manufacturer directly. Cheer Inflatable is committed to providing customized services as satisfying as possible. 

With more than 17 years of professional manufacturing experience, products of Cheer Inflatable are reliable. The PVC they use to make yachting water slides is non-toxic and complies with the European EN71 standard. They also provide a complete after-sales service. If you would like to inquire about any service, Cheer Inflatable are always willing to offer assistance. 

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